During virus times, home is where all the action is

  • Work-From-Home or WFH for work professionals
  • Home schooling for students and teachers alike
  • Hobbies @ home with online tutorials for all
  • Home entertainment for the family in the evenings

Room acoustics

  • Needs noise isolation by shutting doors/windows and switching on AC
  • Needs minimal sound absorption with panels available online at Anutone eShop. A few clicks and the panels are delivered to your doorstep for DIY installation
  • For work-from-home check below Anutone videos – WFH needs Acoustics1 and WFH Acoustics2
  • For home schooling check below Anutone videos – Home School Acoustics1 and Home School Acoustics2
  • For hobbies @ home check below Anutone videos – Hobbies @ Home Acoustics1 and Hobbies @ Home Acoustics2

Home theatre may need more elaborate acoustics

  • 3D digital surround audio needs complementary acoustics to realise its full potential.
  • Ceiling and wall panels are available online at Anutone eShop. More boxes may be necessary than the examples for study rooms and kids’ rooms
  • Check below Anutone video – Home Theatre Design

Overall for homes, acoustics has now become a necessity, not a luxury

  • Noise & vibration vertical & horizontal transmission to neighbours
  • Noise transmission and sound absorption within rooms of a home
  • Check out the Anutone video titled The Best of Spaces1-Home Acoustics



Areas of Concern

Villa | Apartment

  • Study Room
  • Home School
  • Hobby Room
  • Home Theatre


Gated Community

  • Clubhouse
  • Gymnasium
  • Library
  • Party Hall(s)
  • Sports Hall(s)
  • Food Court
  • Retail Outlet
  • Saloon Spa


Noise|Vibration Isolation

  • Inter Floor (Vertical Noise)
  • Inter Partitions (Horizontal Noise)


The Best of Spaces6 – Hobbies at Home Acoustics1

The Best of Spaces5 – Home School Acoustics1

The Best of Spaces4 – WFH Acoustics2

Specification Drawings (click image)