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Indoor stadium is where the action is! Both players and spectators love a good game. The ball in play, footsteps on the sports floor, frenzy applause of the audience, impromptu screams and gigs, announcements on the PA system – all these sounds and more need to be managed to create a symphony!

Unfortunately an indoor stadium has very little available surfaces for acoustical treatment. The floor cannot be touched and the tiered seating leaves virtually no walls.

The roof is the only largest surface available. Usually it is a lightweight space frame structure which becomes a design flaw because
• isolation is needed for rain noise
• sound absorption is crucial to the
concave parabola or dome shape

Design Highlights

The roof gets an underdeck or primary ceiling of Tufbloc to stop rain noise. Then Subtex Wave baffles and|or Subtex Clouds are suspended discretely to soak in all the sounds below. Strand Duo is also a simple but efficient solution for such roofs. Available wall space abutting the roof and the top tier of seats gets Soak Cord as a rugged panel.

There are other auxiliary spaces in both indoor and outdoor stadia like locker rooms, gymnasium, sports museum, cafeteria and Anutone offers bespoke product solutions. Refer to the concept drawing below.

Specification Drawings (click image)