About Us

50+ years of manufacturing excellence and acoustical passion

Anutone® is India’s foremost corporate in the speciality building materials sector for wellness interiors with drywalls, ceilings, panelling … all with acoustics built-in. Anutone serves the commercial, institutional, government and residential buildings market. It meets project needs through design, supply, build, service solutions on nationwide basis. Together the interior finishing solutions form a complete value-chain that comes from a one-stop, single-source company to results in intelligent spaces enabled by smart architecture.

Anutone has a total solutions approach – the unique ability to assess your needs and meet your acoustical requirements for drywalls, ceilings and panelling right from design specifications to project drawings to product supply and installation guidance to ensure user satisfaction. This complements the valued services of acoustical consultants, interior architects, services engineers, surfaces specialists, contractors and project managers.

Anutone’s vast portfolio of acoustical products, systems, solutions and services are comprehensively featured on this website and the hardcopy Product Guide (PG) is available on request. Each wall and ceiling product series has several options – dimensions, edges, shapes, core variants, surface finishes, performance characteristics etc.

The future of acoustical walls & ceilings from a single source

Anutone´s innovative, factory-finished, modular, lightweight, fast|easy to install, sustainable wall and ceiling systems enhance the acoustics of the built environment for work, play and living. Whether it is a large campus project or a tiny home theatre, Anutone has a custom but total acoustical solution that fulfills your needs and delights all stakeholders!

Once the civil shell of a building is ready, Anutone product systems come into sequential play. Right from efficiently dividing floor plates with high-yield drywall partitions to high-performance ceilings & panelling, all with acoustics built-in, Anutone provides commercial interior solutions that are tried, tested, trusted … since 1966 for 50+ years !!!



From acoustical needs assessment to concept design to product supply to project guidance to validation of site, Anutone straddles the value-chain. In acoustics we have a successful track record of projects that perform right, the first time, every time. This complements acoustical consultants.


Then the floor plate needs efficient partitions to yield maximum usable area. Anutone provides solutions with Tufbloc drywall systems that sport a metal frame, polyfibre infill and magnesium boards as skins. They boast very high ratings for water, fire, termite, impact and noise resistance.


Once useful spaces are created with drywalls, Anutone acoustical systems finish the surfaces from top to bottom. First is ceilings to cover overhead utilities and provide high performance. Anutone offers ceilings with virtually any surface finish, any core material – our USP.


Once acoustical drywalls and ceilings are done, Anutone systems finish the wall surfaces from top to bottom, side to side  with  functional panelling that match the decor with options in textures, fabrics, vinyls, wood, metal, cement – again our USP.