The Products


Once the civil shell of a building is ready, Anutone® product systems come into play. Right from efficiently dividing floor plates with high-yield drywall partitions to high-performance ceilings & panelling, all with acoustics built-in, Anutone® provides commercial interior solutions that are tried, tested, trusted … since 1966 for 50+ years !!!

The Applications


Anutone has a total solutions approach – the unique ability to assess your needs and meet your acoustical requirements for drywalls, ceilings and panelling right from design specifications to project drawings to product supply and installation guidance to ensure user satisfaction. This complements the valued services of acoustical consultants, interior architects, services engineers, surfaces specialists and contractors.

The Focus


Given the pandemic, home is where all the action is. Professionals are working from home (WFH), kids are schooling from home, hobbies are being acquired with online tutorials from home and finally, in the evening, it is home entertainment time for the entire family. Hence, home acoustics assumes significant importance for an enjoyable experience.

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Acoustics-In-A-Box. Anutone’s select acoustical panels for homes and consumer needs are now available for purchasing online. Each box contains 4 panels of size 600x600mm with installation accessories for a complete DIY solution that covers approximately 1.5m2 (16ft2) of wall or ceiling area. Buy now and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Applications in Business Workspaces


Acoustical privacy needed

Convention Centres

Need a quiet environment


Isolating office from shopfloors


The Cornerstone of Business

Applications in Professional Workspaces


The hi-tech class rooms


You want it calm and clean


Elegance and visuals differentiate


Enjoy the recording in peace

Applications in Government Spaces


The Seat of Government Decisions


Strategic to the county’s safety


Non-commotion ensures
good decision


Law enforcers for better planning

Applications in Public Spaces


Announcements need to be heard

Public Admin

Peace improves decision making


Concentration is key


Noise from trains to be reduced

Applications in Entertainment Arenas


Experience and ambience counts


Acoustics at its peak


Elegance and visuals
and audio resonate


The weekend socializing

Applications in Personal Spaces

Home - Home Theaters

Home Theatres and Gyms
for your hobbies / passion

Museum Arts

Admire the beauty in
a peaceful setting


Child or Adult, this is an area of personal victory


Pray and meditate in peace

Product Segments


Then the floor plate needs efficient partitions to yield maximum usable area. Anutone provides solutions with Tufbloc drywall systems that sport a metal frame, polyfibre infill and magnesium boards as skins. They boast very high ratings for water, fire, termite, impact and noise resistance.


Once useful spaces are created with drywalls, Anutone acoustical systems finish the surfaces from top to bottom. First is ceilings to cover overhead utilities and provide high performance. Anutone offers ceilings with virtually any surface finish, any core material – our USP.


Once acoustical drywalls and ceilings are done, Anutone systems finish the wall surfaces from top to bottom, side to side with functional panelling that match the decor with options in textures, fabrics, vinyls, wood, metal, cement – again our USP.

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