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Let parents and students prefer an acoustically compliant institution to any other.

Learning is at the core of an educational institution whether it is a school, college or university. The teacher and the taught must both be able to hear each other with clarity and intelligibility.

International Standards

  • ANSI-S12.60-2010 Part 1 – Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools (USA)
  • Building Bulletin (BB 93) 2014 – Section 1- The specification of acoustical performance in school building (UK)

Design Criteria for Classrooms

  • Reverb time – 0.6s
  • Background noise – RC35(N)
  • Speech Intelligibility – >0.6
  • Sound Pressure Level – 75dBA

Acoustic Advantages

  • Makes learning easier, faster, better
  • More sustained, less fatiguing for both teacher and taught
  • Ensures a joyful experience

Anutone studies every aspect of an education campus, not just classrooms, in a holistic manner and offers product solutions. Refer concept drawing below.

Suite – Value Proposition

Anutone’s solutions for school ceilings provides benefits to the ecosystem. Here is how:

Striking visualsArchitect
Quiet interiorsAcoustical Consultant
Lightweight add-onStructural Consultant
Environment friendlyGreen Consultant
Daylight viewsLighting Consultant
School brandingSignage Consultant
Thermal comfortHVAC Consultant
Fire ratingInsurance
Snag-free installContractor
Easy integrationOther Vendors
Quick project turnaroundProject Manager
Easy maintenanceFacility Manager
Economical,Trust Management
Asset appreciationBuilding Owner
Occupancy levelsInstitution
Pleasant experienceStudent & Teachers

Acoustics makes it fun in the Education sector

Specification Drawings (click image)