Introducing systemTRAX

Now ceilings can be easily zoned into technical service lanes and main tiling areas. Anutone brings systemTRAX for neat placement of all ceiling services in a designated, lineal track and thus providing a clean, crisp, uncluttered, visual delight to occupants.

systemTRAX service lane concept has 10 fab features

  • Modern, contemporary ceiling and panelling solutions with 1200mm modules – 7 options for ceiling and 5 options for panelling – total 12 !!!
  • Neatly divides ceiling and panelling into two zones – main and services
  • Locates all technical services in organized lanes
  • Reverse sequencing of main ceiling and panelling first is possible without waiting for services
  • Ensures installation of technical services independent of the main ceiling and panelling
  • No waiting or blame game between surface finish and services crews and hence no project delays
  • No cutout headaches in main ceiling products – no hold ups and hence no project delays
  • Quicker project turnaround to customer’s delight
  • Assists the facility manager with easy maintenance once the space is commissoned and occupied
  • Does not disturb the main ceiling, ensures longevity of acoustical panels and saves money

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Declutter acoustical ceilings

systemTRAX neatly zones
technical services and main tiling
areas in ceilings for neater
visuals and faster turnaround
of large projects