Arya Samaj Bangalore


Potters House Church, Pune


A Buddhist Venue


A Buddhist Venue


A Church installation

Worship Place

Quietness is the essential quality for a place of worship. Seekers of truth need that calm as they perform their sadhana. Believers and devotees enjoy better if not distracted by annoying intrusive noises. Listeners hear the sermons better in reverb-free spaces.

Areas of concern

  • Lobby & Corridors
  • Prayer Hall
  • Yoga Studio
  • Meditation Rooms
  • Dormitories
  • Library
  • Offices & Outlets

Design Criteria – Prayer Hall

  • Reverb time – 1.0s
  • Background noise – RC35(N)
  • Speech Intelligibility – >0.6
  • Sound Pressure Level – 95dBA

Acoustic Advantages

  • Facilitates the creation of a
    sublime spaces that leads to
    sublime experiences
  • Enhances meditative practices

The directors of Anutone are associated with Arya Samaj, Isha Yoga and Artistic Yoga. The design intent flows from the use of such spaces. Product solutions are tailored from user experiences. Please refer to the concept drawings below.

Specification Drawings (click image)


A snapshot of our portfolio. Click thumbnail for a larger view


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