Anutone is essentially a manufacturer of acoustical panels since 1966, for 50+ years and counting. We started with a factory for wood wool boards, the first in India. The product is now branded as Strand. We added further manufacturing capabilities on the way as also the engineering ability to provide total solutions in architectural acoustics, both the product and the science. Today we boast the following facilities for our two divisions

  • Ekcel – magnesia-based base-board manufacturing and its finishing into acoustical panels
  • Absol – non-magnesia based base-board conversion and its finishing into acoustical panels

We also have the capability to be your OEM to manufacture acoustical panels to per your specifications. We can private label for you and supply direct to your customers.


Our Ekcel division boasts in-house facilities for base board manufacturing and its finishing, outside of Bengaluru city for:

  • Mat microfibre acoustical tiles
  • Strand wood wool boards
  • Tufbloc magnesium oxide boards

Check out these brochures for the above products and their variants that emanate from these factories

We can arrange your day visit to the above factories with pick up and drop to Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport with the following suggested 11h itinerary:

0900 Your flight arrival at Bengaluru airport
0930 Pickup from Bengaluru airport
1100 Arrive at Anutone’s Corporate Office
1230 Proceed for lunch
1330 Proceed to Factory1
1400 Factory1 for Mat and Strand
.        Display Studio for Ekcel products
1500 Proceed to Factory2
1600 Factory2 for Tufbloc
.         Display Studio for Absol products
1700 Proceed to Bengaluru airport
1830 Arrive at Bengaluru airport
2000 Your flight departure


Our Absol Division converts and finishes the following base boards into beautiful acoustical panels Base board –

Sub-division                                      Product series

  • Glassfibre slabs – Soft                    – Sisoli, Subtex, Roctex
  • Polyester fibre sheets – Synth      – Slim, Stretch, Spun
  • Gypsum boards – Snazz                 – Pixel, Cosmos, Slate
  • MDF panels – Salon                         – Slats, Spots, Sonator
  • Sheet metal – Serge                        – Astral, Lance, Cubix

Again, we can be your OEM to manufacture the above acoustical panels as per your specifications. We can private label for you and supply direct to your customers. We look forward to your engaging with Anutone to buy our products or get us to private label for you!

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