Anutone is essentially a manufacturer of acoustical panels since 1966, for 55 years and counting. We started with a factory for wood wool boards, the first in India. The product is now called Strand.

We added further manufacturing capabilities along the way as also the design and engineering ability to provide total solutions in architectural acoustics and noise control, both the product and the science.

Today we have added Hygiene and Home series apart from an online eShop to cater to a post-Covid world. We currently boast two Covid-compliant factories outside Bengaluru city in Karnataka state, India

We also have the capability to be your OEM to manufacture acoustical panels as per your specifications. We can private label for you and supply direct to your customers.


Improved products


Products manufactured in company-owned and company-operated factories include

  • Hygiene Series 2020
  • Mat 2020
  • Shapes 2020
  • Slim Discretes 2020
  • Slim Panels 2020
  • Soak 2020
  • Strand Discretes 2020
  • Strand Panels 2020
  • Strand Variants 2020
  • Subtex Discretes 2020
  • Tufbloc 2020
  • Tufbloc Seam Kit







We also contract manufacture on leased production lines with strict company controls the following products made to our stringent technical specifications.

  • Salon 2020
  • Serge 2020
  • Sisoli 2020
  • Slim Panels 2020
  • Snazz 2020
  • Stretch 2020
  • Subtex Panels 2020

Check out our Brochures for the above product lines as well as our Colour Guides

We do not outsource or trade. However the Accessories for our entire range of acoustical panels are Bought Out Components (BOC).

We can arrange your day visit to the above factories with pick up and drop to Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport with the following suggested 9-hour itinerary subject to Covid-compliant regulations:

1000   Your flight arrival into Bengaluru airport
1030   Pickup from Bengaluru airport
1200   Arrive at Anutone Factory1
1300   Proceed for lunch
1400   Proceed to Factory2
1500   Arrive at Anutone Factory2
1600   Proceed to Bengaluru airport
1730   Arrive at Bengaluru airport
1900   Your flight departure

Anutone is a strong supporter of Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Vocal for Local