Post lockdown the new normal for kids is online schooling from home. Home is where all the action is and hence home acoustics assumes significant importance.


Teachers and students, and, even parents of the students, don’t want external noises annoying the online classes where spoken word is still the most common and important medium of communication.

Just for noise isolation it is best to install an AC if you do not already have one in the room and shut all doors and windows to cut off external noises.

This is also good for inter-room noise isolation so that work from home and hobbies @ home by other members of the family can happen simultaneously without distraction or annoyance.


But external noise cut off is only a small part to the acoustics story. Sometimes in apartments noise isolation is not so effective as it not entirely in your control.

Hence the bigger part of the story which is sound absorption. Minimizing echoes within enclosed spaces and this is 100% within your control. Sound absorption is cutting reverb time or echoes so that voice communication is crystal. Speech intelligibility is the goal and side benefits are that any external noise intrusion too is quickly absorbed.

You do not want your kid’s voice to echo into the laptop mic or the teacher’s voice coming out from the laptop speakers not to bounce off the hard surfaces of the room.


Right now your kid may be using headphones but prolonged use of headphones can cause fatigue and possible ear infections. Kids use headphones anyways for their music at other times of the day. A headphone-free environment is desirable.

And it is the same for teachers too. Teachers want to host online classes in their homes with a quiet ambience. They need to listen to the kids attentively as also want the kids to hear them clearly.
Neither the teacher nor the student should find a reason to repeat what they said, as time is always limited in online classes.

So how’s it done. How many acoustical panels do you need so that it sounds just right? We have made it very easy for you. Check out your room size and leave the acoustic engineering to Anutone.

Long story short for your room size all you need to do is buy that many boxes of acoustical panels online from the Anutone eShop. These are DIY or your local carpenter can install them in a few hours. Acoustics-In-A-Box? A great convenience from Anutone.


You can choose colours, fabrics and even your favourite images that are digitally transferred to the acoustical surface without loss of sound absorption values.

Once the panels are installed you will notice a perceptible difference. A soothing ambience, a quiet environment.
Now the teacher and the student can focus on their online classes.
No distraction, no annoyance. Parents, teachers and kids are happy.
Home schooling could never have been easier with Anutone acoustics.


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