Given the susceptibility of building interiors to fire hazards it is prudent to ensure usage of only proper fire rated surface finishes for life safety. Anutone assures true FR products. FR means FIRE RETARDANT which is a rigorous, stringent 5-test protocol for acoustical ceilings | paneling.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous elements peddle FLAME RESISTANT which is a simple 1-test protocol as FR. This is a fraud and hence a caution for customers! You must insist on true FR acoustical panels only which means FIRE RETARDANT as tested at reputed, accredited laboratories via the 5-TEST PROTOCOL.

A case in point is Anutone’s Slats Surco that others sell as FR which actually means FLAME RESISTANT only and has gone through a simple 1-test of ‘Surface Spread of Flame’, whereas Anutone sells Slats Surco FR which is true FR having gone through the 5-test agnipariksha.

How will you  know? It is actually very easy! Look at the edges of the panel and if it yellow then it FLAME RESISTANT and if it pink then it is true FR – FIRE RETARDANT. Don’t get confused please! For budget projects where economy is supreme, Anutone does sell the 1-test Flame Resistant non-FR Slats Surco but it is not recommended.

Pink edge means true FR – FIRE
RETARDANT – as per 5-test protocol

Yellow edge means FR – FLAME
RESISTANT – as per 1-test protocol