Cinema acoustics for

3D immersive audio

Anutone has been the thought leader in cinema design and acoustics. In 1998 Anutone published its company newsletter as TheatreWorld which became an independent international news magazine for the industry in 1999 and continues to be published by Network208 since 2014. From single screens in remote, rural towns of India to the most modern multiplexes in mega cities, Anutone straddles the cinema acoustics space. For the latest and the best in acoustical panels for digital surround sound and 3D immersive audio, visit us at Booth # 108 on 28-29 August at SaharaStar Hotel Mumbai to know more

Multiple screens mean perfect noise isolation

3D immersive audio needs broadband acoustics

Dynamic range – softest whispers to loudest explosions

Multiplex Acoustics – Areas of Concern

  • Box Office
  • Admin Office
  • Lobby
  • Kids Zone
  • Concessions
  • Food Court
  • Fine Dining
  • VIP Lounge
  • Main Auditorium
  • Gold Class
  • Projection Room
  • Washrooms
  • Exit Corridors

Cinema Acoustics – Suggested Product Solutions

Carnival Cinemas

Cinepolis Cinemas