Brilliant acoustical projects across North-East-West-South



Admiral Technologies

Place         –  Gurugram [NCR]

Segment   – Office

Architect   –  Vistasp & Associates

Installer     –  GMGR

Products   –  Strand Colour on Skelet T24

Strand Colour is the modernist version of the classic wood wool board from the house of Anutone that does justice to this avante garde office space of Admiral Technologies and its contemporary chandelier-like lighting fixtures, designed by Vistasp and integrated by Anutone installer, GMGR.


State Bank of India

Place         –  Kolkata

Segment   – Banking|Finance

Installer     –  Creative Solutions

Products   –  Soak Cord, Tufbloc

Kolkata’s State Bank of India offices have become a huge fan of acoustical wall solutions with Soak Cord panels by Anutone. Further the Soak Cord panels are inspired by yet another invention of Anutone, the Soak Cord Triangle, executed insitu by Creative Solutions. This theme has been carried forward not only on the walls but also on the movable partitions which perhaps is for the very first time. Meanwhile Tufbloc seamless finish does justice to the ceiling bulkheads at perimeters.Thus Anutone provides a 360 degrees approach to acoustics.


Sardar Patel University

Place         –  Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat

Segment   – Education

Architect   –  Anand Vohra

Dealer       –  K Construction

Contractor –  Samir Constructions

Products   –  Stretch SLS, Strand, Slats Surco, SynthPF

A dome ceiling provides challenges that are best met with Anutone’s Stretch SLS the only known acoustical solution in stretched fabric systems (rest may be vinyl with perforations for sound absorption).


The fabric ceiling contrasts very well with Slats Surco wooden acoustical wall panelling. All with Strand and SynthPF as an acoustical infill for performance enhancement. Once more the entire system engineering being testimony to the total acoustical solutions capability of Team Anutone!


Malla Reddy Engineering College

Place         –  Hyderabad

Segment   – Education  [Auditorium]

Architect   –  Primo Design

Installer     –  RamG Building Systems

Products   –  Subtex Ebony

For dramatic effects to a large arena type false ceiling and to become the soul of the decor as a contrast to the red seating there is nothing better than Subtex Ebony on Skelet Ebony, so well installed by Anutone installer, RamG, as per the aesthetics arrangement of the architects – Primo Design.

As is visible from the four projects above, Anutone provides custom solutions with a wide array of product choices that guarantee system integration and functional performance to the complete satisfaction of the project ecosystem.