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Health & Wellness

During these virus times Anutone presents good acoustics with high hygiene and all in a sustainable way as possible with the Hygiene.

  • Hygienic
  • Acoustical
  • Sustainable

is the HAS mantra at Anutone for Drywalls, Ceilings and Panelling.
Be Hygiene Positive, Virus Negative



Here are some the spaces to be considered:

1 Lobby

The lobby is Tufbloc Cosmos in 8×4 continuous seamless finish as also 2×2 ceiling tiles for plenum access to service the utilities like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, oxygen lines etc. Tufbloc already has the plus points of water and fire resistance, now with megaperfs it provides sound absorption too.


2 Doctor’s Chamber

For this doctor’s chamber the drywalls are Tufbloc as it is anti-termite, anti-fungal and with anti-bacterial paint it is anti-microbial too. The ceiling is Subtex Nubby H+ which provides high sound absorption, high light reflectance and high protection from microbial activity. The prints on some ceiling tiles add to the cheer!.


3 Corridor

For the corridor its Tufbloc drywalls and ceilings for the same reasons as before. Tufbloc is also paperless, monolithic, high density board perfect for such tough environments. Note the acoustical baffles, Slim Wave Glo, that provide acoustical lighting as well as safety and information signage.


4 X-Ray Room

Special rooms like for X-Ray and MRI sport Sisoli Serene Plus for the ceiling which has the dual advantages of RH99, high humidity resistance, and antimicrobial feature. Just perfect for such spaces. Along with Tufbloc drywalls, of course.


5 Operation Theatre | ICU

Parul Sevashram Hospital in Waghodia, Gujarat uses Serge Astral Aquila for the ceiling in this Operation Theatre (OT). The tiles are unperforated and offer a smooth surface for damp wipe of disinfectants – a crucial feature for sanitization.

Stainless steel ceilings are the safest when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting. So easy to wash and wipe often and the results visible to all from housekeeping to auditors to patients and doctors alike. Well, Serge Astral SS does duty in this ICU.


6 Testing Labs

Testing labs, the pathology, has Tufbloc Vin as ceiling tiles. These are the best bet due to acidic fumes and other vapours that might exist from time to time in such labs. Tufbloc Vin is fully encapsulated, totally sealed for cleanroom applications. 


7 Emergency | Isolation Ward

Emergency wards or isolation wards can get noisy due to various kinds of patients and activities. Astral Plus Mensa aluminium perforated ceilings are most suitable due to their superior sound absorption and yet being lightweight and non-rusting


8 Patient’s Room

Patient’s recovery comes from not only the medical treatment but also the calmness and tranquillity of their surroundings. Subtex Nubby H+ with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial features is perfect apart from the fact they can be printed and help cheer up the patient to recovery. The walls are Tufbloc and can be laminated with wallpaper that matches the décor.


9 Conference Room

Perforated Tufbloc ceiling tiles in the form of Tufbloc Spots on Skelet Tgrid provide a hygienic yet acoustical environment for this video conferencing room where medical cases are discussed


10 Kitchen

Food preparation and serving is both a delicate and sensitive task. Check out Serge Astral SS in the kitchens of DJ Academy in Coimbatore. Astral SS is not for everybody. Only for the very conscious and willing to pay a price for it


11 Cafeteria

The cafeteria must be a fun place for staff and visitors to relax after the rigours of medical care and other anxieties. Tufbloc Cosmos 2×2 ceiling tiles accented by Slim Wave Glo that make it bright and vibrant yet very quiet. Note the flower prints match the ceilings in the doctor’s chamber and patient’s room. Ultimate theming!



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