Post lockdown and in the challenging times of a pandemic, Anutone along with its channel partners, Acoutec, was able to successfully complete a landmark project for the North East – Executive Officers’ Club, Assam Petro-chemicals Ltd (APL), Namrup near Dibrugarh and Tinsukia in Assam.

Needs Assessment

Needs assessment for the project by the design team at Anutone included

  • Space usage – multipurpose activities like
    • cultural activities of music dance and drama
    • formal speeches at community events
    • indoor sports
    • club socials
  • Roof – A trussless roof with only purlins and load considerations for a lightweight acoustical ceiling support. Metal roof with inadequate underdeck of softfibre insulation only.
  • Weather – Temperature 10~30oC. Monthly rainfall 30~530mm totaling almost 3000mm annually. High humidity RH95.

Products used

Keeping in mind the special requirements, post the needs assessment, following was the product-based specific but total solution from Anutone, executed flawlessly by channel partners, Acoutec.

  • Ceiling – Pixel 0308 with suspension at 400mm instead of the usual 600mm for high RH considerations with an overlay of SynthPF for thermo-acoustical insulation
  • Paneling – Stretch Hush in a two-colour combination that embodies the colours of Kamakhya, the divine entity of the region
  • Columns – cleverly camouflaged with Soak Plane that ensures not only acoustics but abuse-resistance to audience touch being fabric-faced rigid core acoustical panels
  • Stage – Strand Ebony that offers not just sound absorption but light absorption too ensuring great videography of performances in the glare of floodlights and photography with flashbulbs.


Outcomes achieved

 An acoustical walls and ceilings, total but specific solution, that ensures

  • Optimum acoustical response for multi-purpose usage
  • Ambience that reflects the socio-cultural milieu of the region
  • An installation that responds to the extreme weather conditions
  • Overcomes unique site conditions of a trussless, lightweight metal roof
  • Plenum (roof-to-ceiling) heat & rain noise insulated with Pixel-SynthPF
  • Channel partner delivers intent-to-reality execution within timelines



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