Perforated solids for acoustics is not a new concept. You can perforate metal, wood and even gypsum boards.

But metal ceilings cannot be seamless, there will always be joint lines. And let’s face it, metal can look cold and is not for warm spaces like hotels, malls and homes.

Wooden ceilings do look good but cannot be seamless. There will be joint lines. Then in areas of termite infestation or high humidity a wooden ceiling wouldn’t perform well over the lifecycle of the building. For accessibility of the plenum frequent movement can result in damages.

Gypsum board ceilings can be seamless but like wooden ceiling would face the same issues in termite infested and high humidity areas, gypsum boards being paper-faced. Again, for accessibility of the plenum frequent movement can result in damages.

Trust Anutone to come with a solution that addresses all of the above and more. Tufbloc Perfs (perfs is short for perforations).

Seamless ceilings yes. Termite proof yes. Water resistance, yes. Rugged and durable even after frequent movement for plenum access, yes.

Tufbloc Perfs by Anutone. Added advantage is Made in India for an Atmanirbhar Bharat because we are Vocal for Local.



Just an acoustical technicality. It is obvious that solid surfaces by themselves do not absorb sound waves as opposed to say fibrous or cellular surfaces. Hence the perforation patterns serve not just an aesthetic purpose since that is what the eye sees but also an acoustical purpose of letting sound waves through. Rest is the job of the fleece and/or infill to do the actual job of sound absorption.



So here are 5 Tufbloc Perfs from Anutone.

Common to all are availability in both 8×4 size for seamless finish and also as 2×2 grid ceiling tiles where plenum access is necessary.
Choice of surface coatings  – standard white prepainted or colours and also H+ the hygiene coating for anti-microbial needs of virus times.
Choice of acoustical fleece on rear in white or black as this would be the colour seen through the perfs.


Tufbloc Spots


Tufbloc Ranurado


Tufbloc Cuadrado


Tufbloc Circulo


Tufbloc Cosmos


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