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Hygiene Series


Hygiene Series – New Mantra

During these virus times Anutone presents good acoustics with high hygiene and all in a sustainable way as possible with the Hygiene Series

  • Hygienic
  • Acoustical
  • Sustainable

is the HAS mantra at Anutone for Drywalls, Ceilings and Panelling.
We present to you 15 product-based, systems solutions that are hygienic, acoustical and sustainable

Be Hygiene Positive, Virus Negative – The Anutone Anti-Virus Shield



1.    Excel Strand Fila H+
       Excel Strand1 H+
       Excel Strand2 H+
       Excel Strand3 H+
2.    Excel Mat H+
3.    Excel Tufbloc Colours H+
4.    Excel Tufbloc Perfs H+
       Excel Tufbloc Megaperfs H+
5.    Excel Tufbloc Vin
6.    Synth Stretch NRC H+
7.    Synth Stretch Hush H+
8.    Soft Sisoli Serene H+
9.    Soft Subtex Nubby H+
10.  Soft Subtex Nubby Colours H+
11.  Soft Subtex NRC H+
12.  Soft Subtex Hush H+
13.  Serge Astral H+
14.  Serge Astral Plus
15.  Serge Astral SS



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Anutone has to offer in terms of it’s Hygiene Series
of ceiling tiles and acoustical panels.


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