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What’s New3 – Megaperfs

The current trends for acoustical interiors includes mega perfs, that is, mega size or big size perforations.

Presenting to you our Megaperfs Series with these brilliant product innovations which come in variety of finishes, colours, wood grains, sizes.


1 Slim Megaperfs

A fabric soft look finish in a wide choice of colours that need no painting both in grid ceiling 2×2 tile format and also large format 8×4 board for panelling. Each is backed with Strand Ebony acoustical substrate for greater sound absorption and rigidity.

There are 4 types of Slim Megaperfs

  1. Slim Ranurado
  2. Slim Cuadrado
  3. Slim Circulo
  4. Slim Cosmos


2 Sonator Megaperfs

A woodgrain surface finish with a choice of woodgrains and colours in mega perfs. Each is backed by white or black acoustical fleece for sound impedance and sound absorption

There are 4 types of Sonator Megaperfs

  1. Sonator Ranurado
  2. Sonator Cuadrado
  3. Sonator Circulo
  4. Sonator Cosmos



3 Tufbloc Megaperfs

A paintable surface finish with water and fire resistance, being paperless and monolithic, it’s also anti-fungal surface and once painted with anti-bacterial coatings at site you get an anti-microbial ceiling and panelling. Each is backed by white or black acoustical fleece for sound impedance and sound absorption.

There are 4 types of Tufbloc Megaperfs:

  1. Tufbloc Ranurado
  2. Tufbloc Cuadrado
  3. Tufbloc Circulo
  4. Tufbloc Cosmos



4 Duo | Wave Megaperfs

These are acoustical baffles with 3 surface finishes – Slim fabric, Salon wood, Tufbloc magnesia.


These products represent the DNA of Anutone.
Innovative, path breaking, trail blazing and above all mind-blowing!


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