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What’s New 2020 Part2

People count lighting & room acoustics as the most important factors for their well-being in the built environment and so we are here to discuss a new mind boggling concept that Anutone brings for the first time to India

Acoustical lighting

Presenting to you our brand new Glo Series with 3 brilliant product innovations:


1 Strand Wave Glo

Strand we have been manufacturing since 1966 and first to do so in India. Then the Strand Wave acoustical baffle that we invented in 2014 with AutoAir feature and now Strand Wave Glo with built-in down lighting.

Here is the ceiling of a food court in a mall. Strand Wave Glo is more practical as it makes a  sustainable difference. You get lighting, noise reduction, design and quality, all at the cost of 1.


2 Soak Wave Glo

You want options beyond Strand with soft feel fabric so Soak comes in. Soak Wave Glo is fabric wrapped Strand Wave with built-in downlights.

Here is a ceiling in the breakout area of an office. Although open spaces facilitate interaction, they do raise acoustic challenges, like other employees should not be disturbed and also the lighting needs to be considered for such functional areas. Well look no further. This simple, elegant design of acoustical luminaires in soft colours ensures visual tranquility.

3 Slim Wave Glo

Lightweight Slim acoustical panels now as a Wave baffle with lighting built in.

Here is a ceiling of an officers mess in a defence facility. Don’t you think our armed forces deserve the best? Slim Wave Glo pays tribute.


These products represent the DNA of Anutone.
Innovative, path breaking, trail blazing and above all mind-blowing!


Something to think about during Self Quarantine?

Undisturbed video calling?

How about undisturbed WFH?

Pleasant Ambience?

Pristine movie watching?

So why not better quarantine and chilling?


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