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What’s New 2020 Part1

In the start of the new fiscal what better than talk What’s New for 2020. It is now a tradition at Anutone to launch new products every April.

A tradition that demonstrates our innovative streak and trendsetting abilities. The pioneering path that we have blazed across decades since 1990s.

Here are some of the product innovations:

You have known Strand Grafix and you have known Strand Cubix that were launched last year. Engineers at Anutone have combined the two to bring to you – Strand Cubix Grafix – direct printing of graphics on Strand Cubix

Here is a ceiling with combination of Strand Cubix Colours and Strand Cubix Grafix on Skelet Tgrid system on the left and for walls we present this vertical garden for open air restaurant on the right


You have known Subtex Nubby our very popular product since 2007. While Subtex Nubby provides high LR and NRC its core of softfibre is fragile. Hence the need for Strand Nubby which retains the high LR and NRC and at the core is Strand – a rigid, rugged, durable acoustical substrate.

This is good for areas where tile has to be often removed for maintenance or impact from objects like ball in an indoor sports hall. Plus the added advantages of a natural green product with no toxicity or VOC

Check out Strand Nubby for this large open plan office with lots of services in ceiling plenum



You have known Shapes in Strand and Slim as individual products. Our R+D team combined the same Shapes in different colours but in a definite cluster pattern to bring to you the concept of Appliques with all components by Anutone for system engineering and total solutions.

Strand Appliques – with all components supplied from Anutone 1 foot, 300mm size, installed on Tufbloc Spots as backer board which is installed on Strut framing

See Strand Appliques as applied to the wall of this Museum cum Art Gallery welcoming visitors

Check out this playschool ceiling that sports Slim Wave Appliques and the wall panelling sports Slim Appliques

Check out this playschool ceiling that sports Slim Wave Appliques and the wall panelling sports Slim Appliques


Something to think about during Self Quarantine?

Undisturbed video calling?

How about undisturbed WFH?

Pleasant Ambience?

Pristine movie watching?

So why not better quarantine and chilling?


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