This episode of HearYourself is different, very different.

This is the first episode on Unboxing, in this case, Strand Variants.

Based on your feedback there will be many more such episodes on unboxing of Anutone acoustical panels, as that itself is an art and the very excitement of seeing such incredible panels for ceilings and walls.


1. Take the box of Anutone’s Strand acoustical panels.
2. On top is the legend ‘Fragile Handle with Care’ as most acoustical panels are fragile.
3. The carton does look strong and is branded on 2 sides so you know it is from Anutone.
4. It has got two product labels as we had ordered two variants to the Strand panels.
5. Before opening check the box is undamaged and the straps intact or report to the dealer or the Anutone rep.
6. Now let’s open and see what is inside. You would need a pair of scissors or a penknife.
7. You just snip off these two straps off. And the carton wrap comes off very easily.
It is not stapled like a box and that’s the beauty of the packing from Anutone. There is no struggle in removing panels from a box. All the Anutone acoustical panels as u can see are visible in one go. Again check for any panel damages & report to dealer or Anutone rep.

8. The beige ones here are Strand Slim in Caudrado megaperfs – a new product from Anutone. The panels are packed in pairs. Strand Slim perfed side facing each other and Strand Ebony backer board facing each other. It is a good practice in case you need to repack. The lilac ones here are Anutone’s Strand Sculpt in diagonal pattern. 
9. Strand Sculpt have got protective sheets between the sculpted painted surfaces so there is no damage
10. Again the pairs principle of packing that you must follow if you need to repack. Save all the packing in your attic for repacking and shifting if you so want or please dispose responsibly.


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