Construction Specifications Institute

MasterFormat Division9

US-based Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) has divided all products and services that go into the making of a new building into a MasterFormat of 50 divisions.

This ensures an accepted global information standard with an organised and structured approach to the construction of the built environment making it standard operating procedure for industry professionals worldwide.

Of particular interest is Division9 which deals with interior surface finishes. Most of Anutone’s products, systems, services and solutions come under this division.

Anutone adopted and adapted CSI’s MasterFormat since 2006 when the SoundSelec Manual was launched and is referred by industry professionals to this day.

This episode is about CSI MasterFormat Division9 and Anutone.

It is possible today’s episode is technical but then a strong technical basis ensure excellence in outcomes. And that has been the hallmark of Anutone – promoting excellence in all that we endeavour to do. At Anutone we are Scientific Engineering Technical S.E.T. We are set.

  • 09 21 00 Partition Assemblies
    Tufbloc HDFR, Mat BSB
  • 09 28 13 Cementitious Backer Boards
    Tufbloc HDFR, Mat BSB, Strand2
  • 09 51 13 Acoustical Panel Ceilings
    Strand Fila, Strand1, Strand2, Strand3, Strand Planks, Mat Colours
  • 09 51 14 Acoustical Fabric-Faced Ceilings
    Subtex NRC, Subtext Hush, Soak Velour Sculpt
  • 09 51 23 Acoustical Tile Ceilings
    Mat Colours, Slim Square, Sisoli Serene, Subtex Nubby, Pixel Square 0308, Astral Lay-in
  • 09 51 23 Acoustical Wood Ceilings
    Slats Surco, Slats Spots MP, Spots Taladro, Spots MP, Sonator Ranurado, Sonator Circulo, Sonator Cuadrado, Sonator Cosmos
  • 09 51 33 Acoustical Metal Pan Ceilings
    Astral Lay-in, Astral Plus Lay-in
  • 09 51 53 Direct-Applied Acoustical Ceilings
    Strand Duo, Strand Wave, Strand Wave Glo, Soak Wave, Soak Wave Glo, Mat Duo, Slim Duo Perfs, Slim Wave, Subtex Wave Nubby, Strand Clouds, Slim Clouds, Subtex Clouds
  • 09 53 23 Metal Acoustical Ceiling Suspension Systems
    Skelet T15, Skelet T24, Strut WC22, Strut MC38, Strut CC22
  • 09 53 43 Stretched-Fabric Ceiling Systems
    Stretch SLS Colours, Stretch SLS Grafix
  • 09 77 13 Stretched-Fabric Wall SystemsStretch NRC, Stretch Hush, Stretch Dekor Grafix
  • 09 77 23 Fabric-Wrapped Panels
    Soak Cord, Soak Plane, Soak Velour Sculpt, Subtex NRC, Subtex Hush, Subtex Dekor Grafix
  • 09 81 13 Acoustic Board Insulation
    Tufbloc HDFR, Mat BSB, Strand2
  • 09 84 13 Fixed Sound-Absorptive Panels
    Tufbloc Ranurado, Tufbloc Cuadrado, Tufbloc Cosmos, Pixel 0308, Pixel 0820
  • 09 84 14 Acoustic Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems
    Stretch SLS, Stretch NRC, Stretch Hush
  • 09 84 16 Fixed Sound-Reflective Panels
    Tufbloc HDFR, Mat BSB, Sonator
  • 09 62 48 Acoustical Flooring
    Float 15, Float 50

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