We brought Tufbloc MgO boards to India for the first time in 2010.

In 2013 we started manufacturing (picture below) which was again a first for India.

Slogans of today like Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Vocal for Local – well, we put them into practice long ago before they became the new normal!

Anutone’s Tufbloc manufacturing unit

So let’s get started on how to install Tufbloc drywalls the right way – the first time and every time

Tufbloc Site Preparation:

  1. Make sure you have all the components at site that make the Tufbloc drywall system.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary tools to install Tufbloc drywalls.
  3. Ensure the floor roof and wall to which the Tufbloc drywall will be junctioned are complete in all respects. This means civil works finished, level, cured, dried and cleaned.

Here are 10 easy steps to the Tufbloc installation: (Check video for pics)

Step 1: Ensure floor marking as per architectural drawings

Step 2: Caulk two beadlines of 6mm dia of silica gel on all junction elements like floor, civil wall and soffit slab. This ensures no leakage of air and hence no leakage of noise.

Step 3: Fastener marking and drilling at 300mm staggered centres for installation of floor and roof channel.

Step 4: Studs are inserted in floor and roof channel. They may be fastened to floor channel but never to roof channel to ensure deflection head for slab above.

Step 5: Lintels and sills are constructed from the same channels but boxed with wooden reapers for additional strength. That gets door and window openings ready.

Step 6: Tufbloc boarding can now begin. Long edges are horizontal to the vertical studs. Maintain 4mm gap between boards on all sides for edge jointing. Use self drilling and not self tapping fasteners.

Step 7: Apply the supplied Seam Kit to seal the joints. Ensure curing as per Seam Kit Guide.

Step 8: Now place SynthPF infill using Stick S7 glue spots to retain in position. Additionally can be cross wire braced. But SynthPF unlike glasswool does not need tissue protection. SynthPF does not itch and is safe, very safe.

Step 9: In case of Tufbloc double skin drywalls stagger edges of the second board. This creates a tight envelope for noise isolation with no change of leakage at board joints.

Engineers at Anutone after considerable research and field trials have tabulated a Guide which provides component details that make the systems, its overall thickness or footprint, the Acoustic and Fire ratings. 

Junction details & 3D drawings can be developed by our design team for projects.

Step 10: Buff with emery paper and apply putty paint as per specified architectural finish.

See below an engineered study of Tufbloc drywalls by Anutone’s finest R+D team than has studied the subject as in drywall thickness versus performance in terms of fire and acoustic ratings. Fulfils every need !!!


Post-Installation Options

  1. Tufbloc boards can also be used for skirting before carpet installation.
  2. Ceramic tiles can be directly installed on Tufbloc surfaces as it is a paperless, monolithic board. Installation can be both with wet-type with cement mortar or dry type with tile glue.
  3. Usual sanitary fittings and faucets can be easily installed similar to a brick  wall.
  4. Plumbing lines can easily run through the cavity in Tufbloc drywall. Suitable cutouts are provided in the vertical studs. Similarly electrical conduits too.

 Practical demonstration: We keep claiming the screw holding of Tufbloc is best so here’s a demo – a live test in real life. Mind you the support is provided only by the boards and not by any additional framing in the cavity. This fails only due to overload – over 75 kgs – which is resolved with Tufbloc double skin drywalls which can take upto 100 kgs load. See below pics.


Tufbloc single skin, double layer drywalls:

Tufbloc double skin, double layer drywalls:

Tufbloc drywalls are highly engineered for speciality spaces like fire-risk data centres, pedestrian-abusive public corridors, wet areas like toilets and kitchens, termite-prone zones, soundproof rooms. Tufbloc is the equivalent of what stainless steel is to mild steel or marine plywood is to commercial plywood. So make sure when you compare other drywalls you do an apple-to-apple. Welcome to the brave new world of termite-free and, with H+ coating, virus-free interiors with Tufbloc drywalls.


Download the Tufbloc Installs 2020 brochure from
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