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Testing & Sanitizing


This episode is dedicated to those at the frontline in the war against the virus – the medical personnel, the healthcare workers, the sanitation staff and security agencies who risk their lives to keep us safe much like the armed forces that guard are borders.

India needs a solution or an engineered system fortesting kiosks, screening booths and disinfection tunnels which are modular, easy to install and fast to deploy.

Anutone presents Tufbloc solutions for these systems.


1 Tufbloc Screening Booth

Tufbloc Screening Booth is a pass-through model for security personnel
At entrances of buildings or campus where large number of people may want to enter at same time

Ladies and gents form separate queues and are screened for body temperature. They show marked safe on Aarogya Setu App and their hands are sanitised.


  • Segregation of gents & ladies entry
  • Social distancing is automatically maintained
  • Less number of security personnel are required
  • Security personnel without PPEs can check
  • Security personnel are sheltered from the weather
  • Low-cost and modular


2 Tufbloc Testing Kiosks

The Tufbloc Testing Kiosk is for medical testing by qualified personnel

The medical personnel enters the central booth and collects the sample and then follows due sanitisation process before collecting the next sample

Patients, gents and ladies, enter their respective booths and submit to testing and sampling


  • Segregation of gents & ladies entry
  • Social distancing is automatically maintained
  • Less number of medical personnel are required
  • Medical personnel without PPEs can check
  • Medical personnel are sheltered from the weather
  • Low-cost and modular


3 Tufbloc Disinfecting tunnel

This is walkthrough tunnel in which a person is fully disinfected by the spraying of the recommended disinfectants.

Anutone and its channel partners provide the tunnel in which the disinfecting apparatus can be installed.


  • Walkthrough for full body disinfection
  • Crowd control with fast walkthrough
  • Social distancing is maintained
  • Process integrity is maintained
  • Low-cost and modular
  • Quick and easy installation


4 Tufbloc Installation

  • Installation is done at site by Anutone’s authorised applicators with Tufbloc HDFR boards being supplied by Anutone.
  • Prepare foundation and plinth to take dead load of Tufbloc lightweight structure and live load of 3~4 persons as per site conditions
  • Fabricate skeletal structure with steel square tubes and fasten Tufbloc HDFR boards in accordance with installation guidelines
  • Fix toughened glass as shown in drawings and disinfectant apparatus as appropriate along with install with lights and fans if required
  • Finish Tufbloc HDFR joints with Seam Kit and then apply exterior grade putty, primer and paint. Provide a rain cover if the kiosk booth or tunnel are installed on the outside.
  • Totally the above may cost below Rs.1L so how’s that for low-cost, modular, quick deploy. Just what India needs in its war against the virus
  • Mobility is also possible by adding a Tufbloc HDFR floor and wheels on a supporting steel skeleton but ramps will have to be provided for entry and exit

We have the total solutions for testing kiosks or screening booths. Our channel partners in the major cities of India are at hand to install them. Go for Tufbloc testing kiosks to safeguard medical personnel and security agencies


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