Slim Wave Shapes

  • Slim now as shaped baffles and banners for aural and visual cues
  • Single or dual tone possibilities
  • Slim Wave Appliques with Strand Primer sandwich as an option



Thickness (mm)18
Size (mm)200|400|600|1200x1200|2400
Density (Kg/m3)220
Weight (Kg/m2)4
Fire (Class)A
NRC (A-mounting)0.4
Thermal (W/mk)0.039
Climate (0C, RH)50, 99
Light (%)Colour dependant
Green (VoC, RC%)Nil, 60
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceBrush, Vacuum
Install Accessories - CeilingSuspension Kit by Anutone consists of U-Clip15
with fasteners, Levelling hook, Anchor wire.
Anchor bolt, Soffit cleat, S-hook by others
RemarksSome Slim Wave Shapes are compatible as vertical banners,
being suspended on short edges, for tall spaces like atrium.
Specify ‘mono’ for both surfaces same colour or ‘dual’ for
each surface a different colour.




Synth Slim Shapes Trapezoid in Rojo colour suspended in herring bone pattern for the fine dining of a convention centre cum five star hotel