Slim Grafix

  • Printed Synth Slim
  • Acoustics with digital images
  • Immense possibilities for the designer and the consumer



Thickness (mm)9, 12
Size (mm)595 x 595, 1200 x 2400
Density (Kg/m3)220, 180
Weight (Kg/m2)2
Fire (Class)A
NRC (A-mounting)0.4
Thermal (W/mk)0.039
Climate (0C, RH)50, 99
Light (%)Print dependant
Green (VOC, RC%)Nil, 60
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceBrush, Vacuum
Install Accessories - CeilingSkelet T24 (powder coating optional)
Install Accessories - PanellingStrut CC10, SynthPF 10x10, Strand Primer 10mm, Stick S7. All by Anutone.
Local hardware and fasteners by others.
RemarksLarger images with adjacency printing on consecutive panels is possible.
Exercise great care during installation to ensure image integrity


A niche corner as an extension of a lobby in a deluxe hotel boasts Synth Slim Grafix. Beauty with a purpose for art and acoustics