Slim Clouds Grafix

  • Printed acoustical clouds
  • Shapes including Custom can be matched to image perimeter for spectacular results
  • Not just Shapes but printed Appliques on Strand Primer



Thickness (mm)9, 12
Size (mm) diameter1200 x 1200|2400
Density (Kg/m3)220, 180
Weight* (Kg/m2)8
Fire (Class)A
NRC (A-mounting)0.4
Thermal (W/mk)0.039
Climate (0C, RH)50, 99
Light (%)Print dependant
Green (VOC, RC%)Nil, 30
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceBrush, Vacuum
Install Accessories - CeilingSuspension Kit by Anutone consists of Strand Primer,
Stick S7, Levelling hook, Anchor wire.
Anchor bolt, Soffit cleat, Panel cleat, S-hook,
Fasteners by others
RemarksStrand Primer is used as an acoustical enhancer & backer board for
all Synth Slim Cloud Grafix installations. For 1200mm diameter
Strand Primer 600mm jointing with suitable rigid framework is necessary

*with Strand Primer backer board. 2kgs/m3 without.


Synth Slim Clouds Octagon Grafix with multilingual alphabet graffiti printed for a public library. Celebrating the written word! Ceilings for inspiration of avid readers as they browse books.