Soft Subtex 

Wave Nubby Grafix

  • Acoustical baffles in with direct digital image transfers
  • Custom digital images possible
  • From corporate theming to modern art – immense possibilities




Thickness (mm)40
Size (mm) nominal200|400|600x1200
Density (Kg/m3)120~140
Weight (Kg/m2)4.8~5.6
Fire (Class)1 & P
Thermal (W/mk)0.07
Climate (0C, RH)40, 95
Light (%)Print dependant
Green (VOC, RC%)Low, 35
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceVacuum, Dry-Wipe
Install Accessories - CeilingA-Chain hardware or Suspension Kit consists of Corkscrew, Levelling hook and Hangar wire by Anutone.
2 kits @ 500|1000mm centres recommended for baffle height 600|1200mm respectively.
B-Chain hardware consists of Anchor bolt, Soffit cleat and S-hook by others (not by Anutone).
RemarksPrints on Subtex Wave Nubby are subject to techno-commercial feasibility.
Edges are not printed but can be painted to custom colour matching the image.


Subtex Wave Nubby Grafix for this double height lobby at an upmarket hotel Note the criss cross (or zigzag) cluster pattern that adds to the graphic art