Subtex Nubby

  • Brilliant light reflectance
  • High sound absorption
  • Rear side full encapsulation






Best of Subtex Nubby
Subtex Nubby – 18 Fab Features


Thickness (mm)15, 20, 25
Size (mm)595|1195 x 595|1195
Density (Kg/m3)120
Weight (Kg/m2)1.8, 2.4, 3.0
Fire (Class)1 & P
NRC (15mm)E600 - 0.8, E900 - 0.9
Thermal (W/mk)0.066
Termite AttackNil
Climate (0C, RH)40, 95
Light (%)85
Green (VOC, RC%) Low, 35
Warranty (Years)3
AccessoriesSkelet T15 or Skelet T24 by Anutone. Anchor bolt,
Soffit cleat, Hanger rod, Levelling clip, Fasteners
and other local hardware by others
RemarksFragile! Do not pinch corners during install.
Use gloved hands and handle with care




Administrative Training Institute, Ranchi … Subtex Nubby

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