Subtex Nubby H+

  • Anti-bacterial for hygiene & health
  • Fully encapsulated for zero erosion of particulate matter
  • For Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma, Food applications






Thickness (mm)15, 20, 25
Size (mm)595/1195 x 595 /1195
Density (Kg/m3)120
Weight (Kg/m2)1.8, 2.4, 3.0
Fire (Class)1 & P
NRC (15mm)E600 - 0.8, E900 - 0.9
Thermal (W/mk)0.066
Termite AttackNil
Bacterial GrowthNil
Climate (0C, RH)40, 95
Light (%)85
Green (VOC, RC%)Low, 35
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceVacuum, Damp-Wipe
Install Accessories - CeilingSkelet T15, T24 (sealing with 2-way tape optional)
RemarksIf tile becomes wet allow to dry completely.
Permanently wet tile degrades H+ capability




Subtex Nubby H+ for a mother and child ward to help government bring down infant mortality rates as committed to WHO