Sisoli Serene Grafix

  • Printed acoustical ceilings
  • Your images on ceiling tiles+
  • An airconditioned conference room with open sky now possible++

+Subject to technical feasibility
++Ceiling tiles printed with blue sky & white clouds






Thickness (mm)15
Size (mm)595 x 595
Density (Kg/m3)270
Weight (Kg/m2)4
Fire (Class)1/A
NRCE300 - 0.45, E600 - 0.55
Thermal (W/mk)na
Climate (0C, RH)45, 90
Light (%)Print dependant
Green (VOC, RC%)Low, 63
Warranty (Years)3
MaintenanceDry-wipe, Vacuum
AccessoriesSkelet T15 or Skelet T24 (powder coating optional) by Anutone.
Anchor bolt, Soffit cleat, Hanger rod, Levelling clip,
Fasteners and other local hardware by others
RemarksSkelet T15|24 can be powder coated to choice colour closely
matching the dominant colour in image. Adjacency printing for
larger images is possible. Take care to place tiles in T-grid accordingly.


The blue sky and white clouds printed on Sisoli Serene Grafix makes you feel as if you are video conferencing in an airconditioned room with an open sky !!! Note the adjacency printing of a larger image and ceiling tiles placed accordingly in the standard grid of global white colour