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Slim on Strand

9mm PET Panels and how to best install them?

  • PET panels are widely used by designers, contractors and end users.
  • These panels are lightweight, easy to install and economical

Here are ways of installing a PET panel | Anutone’s Synth Slim
with their advantages and disadvantages

1 A-Mounting

Popularly, the PET panels are directly stuck to the wall which gives an NRC of 0.35 which manufacturers usually round off to NRC 0.4 and hence usually everyone mistakes that 40% sound is absorbed whereas its only 35% and that too only in the high frequencies! Acoustic issues abound!!


2 D10-Mounting

If we add an airgap with Anutone’s Strut CC10 channels behind the PET panels, Synth Slim, then this gives an NRC of 0.45~0.5 which means 45-50% of the sound would get absorbed though more in the high frequencies.


3 C10-Mounting

Then if SynthPF 10×10 too is added with Strut CC10 channels and the PET panels, Synth Slim, are stuck to the CC10, this would give an NRC of 0.6 which means 60% of the sound would get absorbed, but more importantly, in the mid and high frequencies. Hence better acoustics finally prevails!


4 C20-Mounting

Finally, if Strand backer board, 10mm thick, is screwfixed to the Strut CC10 channels with SynthPF 10×10 and then the PET panels, Synth Slim, are stuck to the Strand, then this gives the best of acoustics! This gives upto NRC of 0.8~0.85 which means 80-85% of the sound would get absorbed. More importantly the frequency spectrum is more broadbased.


With Slim on Strand there are different patterns possible

Slim Mozaic (left) and Slim Appliques (right) both are possible when the technique of Strand backer board is used and all within a total of 30mm thickness, the power of 10×3!!! CC10 with SynthPF 10×10 plus Strand 10mm and Synth Slim 9mm with tolerances to make it a total of 30mm.

In conclusion it is always better to spend more money and time in getting the installation right to achieve optimum acoustical results otherwise the little spent on PET panels direct on wall gives you pin-up surfaces with little acoustics!


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