Astral H+

  • Special anti-bacterial coating with the ruggedness of a GMS core
  • Standard unperfed, perfed or specials – Mensa 1.8mm TOA 20%
  • Polycoat 60 microns, fleece included




Thickness (mm)0.5
Size (mm)600 x 600|1200
Density (Kg/m3)na
Weight (Kg/m)4
Fire (Class)A
NRCE300 - 0.75
Thermal (W/mk)na
Climate ( 0 C, RH)50, 90
Light (%)85(Aquila)|75(Mensa)
Green (VOC, RC%)Low, 25
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceDry-wipe, Wet-wipe
Install Accessories - CeilingFor Clip-In - Skelet Spring-T, Wall Angle, Connector Clip, Strut MC38, Strut SA25
For Lay-in - Skelet T15 system by Anutone
Anchor bolt, Soffit cleat, Fasteners by others.
RemarksStore cartons vertically as printed

    *GMS – Galvanised Mild Steel (or GI)




Serge Astral H+ anti-bacterial ceiling for this infection-concious healthcare facility