Slats Surco Diffuse

  • Only for sound diffusion
  • No perforations or fleece on rear surface but balanced
  • Used in combo with Slats Surco & Sonator for variable acoustics





Core Pinewood HDF
Beige | Pink(FR) | Green(MR) | Ebony
Thickness (mm)16
Size (mm)128|192 x 2440
Density* (Kg/m3)700
Weight (Kg/m2)12
Fire (Class)1 & P
Thermal (W/mk)na
Climate (0C, RH)50, 70
Light (%)75 (Maple Arce)
Green (VOC, RC%)E1, 25
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceDry-wipe, Vacuum
Install Accessories - CeilingStrut SA25, WC25, MC45, CC25, CC18, SynthPF, Center & Edge Bracket by Anutone.
Anchor bolt, soffit cleat, fasteners by others.
Install Accessories - PanellingStrut CC10|CC25|CC50 with CC18, SynthPF, Stick S7, Center & Edge Bracket by Anutone.
Fasteners by others.
RemarksTo be used in combo with Slats Surco & Slats Sonator for sound & cost optimize.
Stagger short edges in ashlar pattern. Strut CC18 @ 400mm centres. For MR @ 300mm

    *for unperforated base board




Sishya OMR School, Chennai