Slats Sonator Liso

  • Only for LF sound absorption and MF|HF sound reflection
  • No perfs on front or rear surfaces
  • Used in combo with Slats Surco & Slats Spots for variable acoustics





Core Pinewood HDF
Beige | Pink(FR) | Green(MR) | Ebony
Thickness (mm)16
Size (mm)128|192 x 2440
Density (Kg/m3)700
Weight (Kg/m2)13
Fire** (Class)1 & P
Thermal (W/mk)na
Climate (0C, RH)50, 70
Light (%)78 (Maple)
Green (VOC, RC%)E1, 25
Warranty (Years)5
MaintenanceDry-wipe, Vacuum
Install Accessories - CeilingStrut SA25, WC25, MC45, CC25, CC18, SynthPF, Center & Edge Bracket by Anutone.
Anchor bolt, soffit cleat, fasteners by others.
Install Accessories - PanellingStrut CC10|CC25|CC50 with CC18, SynthPF, Stick S7, Center & Edge Bracket by Anutone.
Fasteners by others
RemarksSlats L128, Slats Diffuse L128 and Slats Sonator is same product! Opening and closing
of short edge joints is normal breathing of panel and not a product defect

    *for unperforated base board
**for FR grade




Slats Sonator as a heritage wooden ceiling in a mountain resort .. keeps you warm!