Rally for Rivers with Sadhguru

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Did You Know? Our Rivers Are Dying

We can no longer turn a blind eye as we stand on the threshold of the graves t crisis of our times. Here are some of the glaring warning signs:

  • Major perennial rivers are moving towards being seasonal. Many of India’s minor river systems have already vanished.
  • Ganga is one of the world’s 10 most endangered rivers, according to WWF.
  • India is already “water-stressed” by international norms. At this rate, in just 15 years, India will not have enough water for her people’s needs.How Can We Save Our Rivers?
    Rally for Rivers
    Much effort so far has gone into re-distributing our rapidly diminishing water supply– by way of building dams, and propagating ideas like linking up of the rivers. Now we must urgently focus on increasing the overall quantum of this dwindling water resource. Isha Foundation has over a decade of experience in matters related to the environment and sustainability. Its award-winning initiative Project GreenHands is one of the largest environmental movements in Asia. Isha highlights the core solution to stabilize and revitalize our rivers in its “Rejuvenation Policy Proposal”: creating and maintaining a green cover for a width of one kilometer on either side of the entire length of the river (half a kilometer for tributaries). Native multipurpose forest trees would be planted in government-owned land along the riverbanks. Meanwhile, privately-owned land under cultivation by farmers would be converted to organic horticulture plantations. A remunerative model can be developed that will enhance famers’ livelihood, doubling their income in five years.

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