Industrial Noise Control

Sisoli ceiling for Bengaluru factory of MAG IAS GmbH


MAG since 2005 has been an industrial automation giant that is now a global presence with plants in Americas, Europe and Asia to serve the automotive and truck industry in particular. They recently inaugurated their latest plant in Bengaluru.


Fact File
Project – MAG India Industrial Automation Systems l | Place – Bengaluru, Karnataka | Segment – Industrial | Architect – Thomas Associates, Bengaluru | Dealer & Installer – Theju Interiors | Anutone Products – ‘Sisoli’ ceiling tiles on ‘Skelet’ U15 grid framing


Mag India, a subsidiary of Mag Germany, through their architects, wanted an effective but economical acoustic ceiling with light reflectance and smooth aesthetics in a plenum-accessible grid system that is able to support plenum-utilities like lighting, loudspeakers, HVAC etc. And they wanted it fast, very fast, to coincide with the factory inauguration.


From the available stocks Anutone proposed Sisoli Serene ceiling tiles on Skelet U15 grid framework. This fulfilled the requirements of the architects in terms of an economical but effective ceiling apart from light reflectance and aesthetics that cover the metal underdeck of an industrial roof. The proposed ceiling is lightweight adding no significant structural load to the roof and provides easy access to the plenum for servicing the utilities like electrical as also mechanicals of the EOT (Electrified Overhead Traction crane seen in pictures as bright yellow structures).


The outcomes are clearly visible in the many pictures and are self-explanatory. Sisoli on Skelet checks all the requirements, ticks all the boxes. Thanks to our channel partner, Theju Interiors, who flawlessly installed the engineered system meeting all the challenges of the site – ceiling height, simultaneous working of other job crews for services installation, seamless integration of plenum utilities and the tight timeliness!


Mag India is delighted, as are the other stakeholders to the project, with the product and the service from Anutone and its dealer, Theju Interiors, who installed in record time. Industrial noise control as the main value is truly derived as is the comfort of a hassle-free seamless experience, end to end!

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