Happy acoustics for Bhutan

Bank chooses Anutone for its acoustical needs

Fact File

Bhutan National Bank Limited | www.bnb.bt | Place – Thimphu, Bhutan | Segment – Banking | Dealer – Satellite Electronics | Contractor & Installer – Manshi Craft Interior | Anutone Products –
Pixel 0308 and Slats Surco


Bhutan National Bank has a glorious history. Started in 1980 as Unit Trust of Bhutan by Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan it was converted to a commercial bank with the assistance of Asian Development Bank and Citibank in 1997. It has been a pioneer and is now a premier financial institution of Bhutan.


For their renovation and expansion project, to meet the growing aspirations of the Bhutanese people, the bank needed a modern, corporate meeting hall with a compact podium, large digital screen, cluster seating, requisite furniture and all with an upmarket feel.

Naturally, the acoustical ambience had to be aligned and be in sync with the overall look and feel. The challenge was the large bay windows and the client’s need for natural light ventilation apart from the brief of acoustical surfaces blending in unobtrusively.


Anutone proposed a dado till sill-level of Slats Surco panelling and Pixel 0308 ceiling. For the large bay windows drop-down fabric blinds (blinds are not by Anutone) were proposed to the interior contractor.

From the pictures above it will be apparent the Slats Surco soft, soothing colour matches the window blinds whereas the Pixel 0308 acoustical ceiling blends in seamlessly with the plain white gypsum ceiling. Thus the unique Anutone art and skill of blending in acoustical surfaces with interior aesthetics!


The outcomes are very clear during high-powered meetings when the hall is fully occupied. The speeches from the podium are crystal clear to the audiences because of the precise, optimized acoustics. Due to low background noise (NC) and low reverberation time (RT60) the speech intelligibility (SI) is high.


Bhutan National Bank is happy to project a modern, corporate 21st century image to it’s customers who are happy with the change, all in all upping the happiness quotient of the world’s happiest country