Grow well with Anutone

Perfect acoustics for a corporate training centre

Grauer & Weil (India) Limited is famous for its chosen fields of endeavour so much so that it is popularly known as the Growel Group and has forayed into real estate as such. One of it’s recent projects is Growels 101 Mall as a multi-use commercial, retail and entertainment destination.

Fact File
Project – Growel’s 101 Mal l | Place – Mumbai | Client – Grauer & Weil (India) Limited | Segment – Office [Corporate Training Centre] | Architect – Ankit Shah (Growel in-house) | Dealer – A Ravi Corporation, Mumbai | Installer – Sandesh Dapthare, Mumbai | Anutone Products for Ceiling – Subtex Nubby | for Walls – Lower reaches is Slats Surco L32-2 Teak Teca and Upper reaches is Stretch NRC Austen system including Strand SS & SynthPF as backer

For it’s corporate training centre in the basement of Growel 101 Mall, the client wanted upscale surface finishes that connote cool, calm, collected atmospherics conducive to the rigours of corporate training as well as the comfort of architectural acoustics that ensures no fatigue or stress given the all-day high-decibel events planned for participants.

Anutone’s marketing team in Mumbai worked closely with Anutone’s design team at Pune and Bengaluru as also with the Mumbai dealer, A Ravi Corp, to come up with a world-class cutting-edge next-gen acoustical and interior design that ticked all the boxes

The ceiling features Subtex Nubby on Skelet White for not just the subtlety but as also the high light-reflection and a feeling of volume to the users of the space. The ceiling to wall transition in terms of colours is from the brilliant white of Subtex Nubby ceiling to the pastels of Stretch NRC Austen on upper walls and dado of rich woodgrains of Slats Surco Teak Teca.

Special note: The crisp and precise wrap-around of square columns with the two panelling materials by Sandesh Dapthare and his team

And the value-added touch by Anutone is to ensure variable frequency sound absorption by a clever mix of three acoustical treatments to deliver optimal acoustics.

As is visible from the many pictures, the space looks upscale and elegant as planned. The reality is of a soothing sublime space that overcomes the rigours of corporate training with ease and makes the whole process effortless. Wellness interiors? Anutone delivers a unique combination of aesthetics and acoustics.

The close co-ordination between teams of the client, the dealer and the installer, apart from the various departments at Anutone, ensured a before time completion of the project to the true delight of all stakeholders.

It is just another day at Anutone to add value and deliver world-class experiences to its ecosystem of clients, dealers and installers.