CII confers green product certification
to Strand & Mat Series


GreenPro certifies that Strand and Mat products manufactured by Anutone at its Ekcel plant in Bengaluru, among many other green attributes, also feature the following highlights:

  • contain raw materials that meet the GreenPro requirements of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels
  • absence of heavy metals
  • do not have any prohibited flame retardants
  • do not have any gases with Global Warming Potential (GWP) or Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • have recycled content greater than 35%


Green & Safety Awards


  • Ekcel Strand Colour
  • Ekcel Strand Primer
  • Ekcel Strand Ebony
  • Ekcel Strand Planks
  • Ekcel Strand Grafix
  • Ekcel Strand Sculpt
  • Ekcel Strand Shapes
  • Ekcel Strand Mozaic
  • Ekcel Strand Cubix
  • Ekcel Strand Duo
  • Ekcel Strand Duo Shapes
  • Ekcel Strand Duo Grafix
  • Ekcel Strand Wave
  • Ekcel Strand Clouds
  • Ekcel Soak Cord
  • Ekcel Soak Cord Binary
  • Ekcel Soak Cord Triangle
  • Ekcel Soak Plane
  • Ekcel Soak Plane Binary
  • Ekcel Soak Plane Triangle
  • Ekcel Soak Wave Cord
  • Ekcel Soak Wave Plane
  • Ekcel Soak Duo Triangle
  • Ekcel Mat Solo
  • Ekcel Mat Colours
  • Ekcel Mat Planks
  • Ekcel Mat Ebony
  • Ekcel MatGrafix
  • Ekcel Mat Sculpt
  • Ekcel Mat Shapes
  • Ekcel Mat Duo
  • Ekcel Mat Duo Grafix
  • Ekcel Mat Duo Shapes
  • Ekcel Soak Duo Binary
  • Ekcel Mat BSB

NSC confers safety certification to Anutone’s manufacturing facilities