Anutone wins twin accolades

CII confers green product certification
to Strand & Mat Series


Gopinath SS (extreme right), Head of Quality Assurance & Safety, and K Rajesh (left), Head of Marketing and Sales (South & West India), at Anutone, receive the GreenPro plaque from Kate Harris (left), CEO, Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Parasuraman R (centre), Chairman, GreenPro-Green Products and Services Council, and Dr Chen-Yi Sun (right), Secretary General, Taiwan Green Building Council, as Dr Chuttree Phurat (extreme left), Project Manager, Thailand Environment Institute and Chandrashekhar Rao, Telangana Sales Manager of Anutone, look on,
at the 17th Green Building Congress 2019 & Conference on GreenPro at Hyderabad

GreenPro certifies that Strand and Mat products manufactured by Anutone at its Ekcel plant in Bengaluru, among many other green attributes, also feature the following highlights:

  • contain raw materials that meet the GreenPro requirements of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels
  • absence of heavy metals
  • do not have any prohibited flame retardants
  • do not have any gases with Global Warming Potential (GWP) or Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • have recycled content greater than 35%
  • Ekcel Strand Colour
  • Ekcel Strand Primer
  • Ekcel Strand Ebony
  • Ekcel Strand Planks
  • Ekcel Strand Grafix
  • Ekcel Strand Sculpt
  • Ekcel Strand Shapes
  • Ekcel Strand Mozaic
  • Ekcel Strand Cubix
  • Ekcel Strand Duo
  • Ekcel Strand Duo Shapes
  • Ekcel Strand Duo Grafix
  • Ekcel Strand Wave
  • Ekcel Strand Clouds
  • Ekcel Soak Cord
  • Ekcel Soak Cord Binary
  • Ekcel Soak Cord Triangle
  • Ekcel Soak Plane
  • Ekcel Soak Plane Binary
  • Ekcel Soak Plane Triangle
  • Ekcel Soak Wave Cord
  • Ekcel Soak Wave Plane
  • Ekcel Soak Duo Triangle
  • Ekcel Mat Solo
  • Ekcel Mat Colours
  • Ekcel Mat Planks
  • Ekcel Mat Ebony
  • Ekcel MatGrafix
  • Ekcel Mat Sculpt
  • Ekcel Mat Shapes
  • Ekcel Mat Duo
  • Ekcel Mat Duo Grafix
  • Ekcel Mat Duo Shapes
  • Ekcel Soak Duo Binary
  • Ekcel Mat BSB

NSC confers safety certification to Anutone’s manufacturing facilities


A V Rajendra, Head of Quality Management Systems, and Gopinath SS, Head of Quality Assurance and Safety at Anutone, receive the ‘Prashamsa Suraksha Puraskara’ (Safety Award) and Certificate from PC. Venkateswarlu, Hon. Secretary, NSCKC, DC Jagadeesh, Deputy Director, Department of  Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety and Health, and G Ramamurthy, Vice Chairman, NSCKC
at Safety Awards 2019 held by National Safety Council, Karnataka Chapter (NSCKC) at Bengaluru

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