Strand Duo Shapes

  • Superfine fibre finish, painted or printed, on both surfaces, Strand Duo with perimeter in Shapes
  • An Anutone invention (2016)




Thickness (mm) 15, 20, 25
Size (mm)600x600|1200|2400
Density (Kg/m3)400
Weight (Kg/m2) 6, 8, 10
Fire (Class)1 & P
Thermal (W/mk)0.07
Termite AttackNil
Climate (0C, RH)50, 95
Light (%) White80
Green (VOC, RC%)Low, 30
Warranty (Years)10
MaintenanceVacuum, Paintable
Install Accessories - CeilingU-Clip20 with fasteners, Levelling hook,
Anchor wire by Anutone
Anchor bolt, soffit cleat, S-hook by others
RemarksTreat both surfaces with extreme care.
Use five suspenders for 2400mm @ 500mm centres,
50mm from edge. Edges appear uneven unless optionally burled.



Strand Duo Shapes Parallelogram in an attractive orange colour with random green accents and sizes 600×600|1200|2400x20mm with 2|3|5 suspenders for this well-equipped
basketball court in a modern sports facility. Game, set, match!