Architectural Acoustics for Noisy Public Buildings

Quieter Interiors for Central, State and Local governments

including Military, Paramilitary and Public Sector Undertakings


The chaos of law making needs containment whether it is parliament, state assemblies or municipal council halls

Legislators and councillors need to be heard loud and clear

Televised proceedings need clarity of audio that comes from acoustics

Madhya Pradesh
Vidhan Sabha


All major public buildings sport a multipurpose auditorium

Speeches need to be heard crisply

Performances need pristine, precision acoustics to be truly appreciated

Soundtracks of movies – dialogues and music – need to playback faithfully to the original

Expensive audio equipment needs acoustics to do full justice


Gautam Buddha University (GBU) Greater Noida NCR



Public announcements need to be heard clearly

Cacophony of air passengers at check-in counters, food courts, boarding gates need containment

Acoustics help harried travellers to de-stress and enjoy the journey


Offices need to be isolation from jet engine noise


Noise as a distraction in customer interface layouts

Acoustical privacy needed between closed cabins

Audio-video conferencing needs proper, precision acoustics



(*work in progress)


International trade fairs need a quiet, enhanced ambience

The cacophony of product sales promotions and large crowds needs containment

Auditoriums, conference halls, meeting rooms need acoustics


Samrat Ashok International Convention Centre (SAICC) Patna


Air, land and marine forces need the best of facilities

War rooms, briefing halls, officers’ mess need quietness for armed forces to relax or to listen clearly

Precision acoustics in communications can make all the difference


Corps Commander Office


Despite the digital age, the spoken word remains the most important medium of communication

Students cannot hear the teacher clearly, lose interest in studies

Teachers have to repeat, an loudly,  and get fatigued

Smart classes via weblink with remote teachers and mic pickup need perfect acoustics for a seamless session

National Institute of
Securities Markets (NISM),


The doctor patient spoken communications is very important and needs echo-free ambience

Reception, waiting halls are noisy and stressful for sick patients and anxious visitors alike

Quietness is wellness and hence the start of the cure apart from diagnostics, medicine and rest


Submissions by lawyers, evidences by witnesses and pronouncements by judges need to be heard clearly by all

In camera proceedings and video conference hearings need proper mic pickup

Courtrooms are now modernized, fully enclosed with air-conditioning and hence the cacophony needs containment

Assam High Court


Museums, art galleries and libraries naturally need a quiet environment

An exhibit’s auudio or guided tours need to be heard by tourists loud and clear

Connoisseurs, visitors and readers need to enjoy their visit experience and not be annoyed by intrusive noise or echo

Golden Temple
Plaza Museum,


Law enforcement agencies need the best of facilities

From training academies to shooting ranges to police stations need a quiet environment

Video conferencing needs proper mic pickup & communications

Credibility and confidence is restored for citizens during meets if ambience is right


Government offices need a quiet ambience for visitors & employees

Noise can be an annoying distraction in open plan offices

Noise transfer between closed cabins can lead to loss of privacy

Audio-video conferencing needs accurate pickup by microphones


RCVP Naronha
Prashan Academy


Railway stations and metro stations need clarity in public annoncements

Cacophony of travellers, vendors and train noise needs containment

Passengers need quietness as a space quality to de-stress


Smart cities need smart solutions for smart buildings and that includes acoustics.

Modern acoustics is integral to public buildings like museums, art galleries, planetariums and libraries for such smart cities.

Oxyzone Reading Library
Nalanda Parisar


Sports training is a highly evolved and engineered art form today

Professional leagues involve a lot of money and need to get it right

Shooting ranges to practice halls all need acoustics

Sportspersons need a quiet environment to perform well


Sportscity Balevadi


Public announcement need to be in the clear for indoor stadiums

Spectators need to enjoy the game or the sports in a quieter ambience

The overall cacophony of play noise and spectator noise needs containment


Indoor Stadium