North – Ambala school makes it big

School kids gifted state-of-the-art auditorium


OPS Vidya Mandir | | Place – Ambala, Haryana | Segment – Education [Auditorium] | Dealer and Installer – F2C Interiors | Anutone Products – Slats Surco, Strand, Mat Solo, SynthPF

OPS brief to Anutone was not just achieving acoustics suitable for a multipurpose auditorium in the education sector but doing so with striking visuals that are warm and comforting for students.

The solution was a wooden acoustical ceiling with Slats Surco, walls with a combination of Mat Solo and Slats Surco, all backed with SynthPF as an infill for performance enhancement

The students of OPS Vidya Mandir enjoy giving performances as well as experiencing them in the rich ambience of an acoustically-compliant auditorium for multipurpose use in the education sector.

East – Kalinga scores a hit

Dedicated music and dance rooms with acoustics


Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology | | Place – Bhubaneswar, Odisha | Segment – Education [Music & Dance Rooms] | Architect – Jayanta Seal | Dealer and Installer -Creative Solutions | Products – Slats Surco, Tufbloc, Strand Colour, Synth PF

Architect Jayanta Seal wanted to achieve for his client KIIT, harmony and synthesis of the brand promise and actual deliverables, the Kalinga group being famous across Odisha for their quality eduction and facilities.
For the music and dance rooms which are highly creative spaces Ar Jayanta Seal and KIIT wanted a certain vibrancy while controlling the vibrations of sound echoes and noise transmission

The solution was a combination acoustical ceiling with Slats Surco for mid and high-frequency sound absorption and sound diffusion and Tubloc HDFR for low-frequency sound absorption and mid-high-frequency sound reflection.
The acoustical panelling is a combination of Slats Surco and Strand Colours for broadband sound absorption.
Both ceiling and panelling are backed by SynthPF acoustical infill for performance enhancement.

The students of KIIT enjoy creative sessions of music and dance in welcoming spaces that immediately put them at ease and make them give their best.

West – Amdavad Metro shines

Creates facilities, many for first time among India’s metros


Amdavad Metro Station | Client – Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited [GMRCL] | Place – Ahmedabad, Gujarat | Segment – Station [Gyaspur Depot] | Architect – Rites | Installer – URC Construtions | Anutone Products – Subtex Nubby, Soak Cord Binary & Soak Cord Triangle


Contrary to popular perception, the working of a mass rapid transit rail network such as Amdavad metro requires soundproof spaces for quiet working of system engineers and operations managers. The need was for such large enclosed spaces to be treated for acoustics with aesthetics.


The solution for bright, white, accessible ceilings in t-grid suspended systems was to use Subtex Nubby acoustical ceiling tiles in Skelet Trelis framing systems and Soak Cord in a dual colour pattern for panelling.


GMRCL’s Amdavad Metro is very pleased with the results. Now engineers can enjoy their work with minmum disturbance and distraction. This has enhanced their attentiveness and efficiency.

South – Quiet coworking spaces

Indiqube makes it dynamic with islands in the sky


IndiQube | Place – Bengaluru, Karnataka | Segment – Office | Dealer and Installer- Chisel Sales | Anutone Products          – Subtex Shapes Nubby Hexagon Colours

Indiqube as a young startup in the coworking space wanted a bright, vibrant and dynamic ceiling to reflect their corporate ethos and appeal to space users who are young techies from the IT|ITeS sector

The solution called for doing away with boring whites and the conventional wall-to-wall grid ceilings and opting for open plenum ceilings with acoustical clouds that can be painted in a rich pallette of colours. Subtex Shapes comes to the rescue.

Coworkers find the Indiqube spaces fun that vibes well with both their personality and job profiles. Due to sound absorption on both surfaces of the acoustics is doubly efficient with much less panels used as compared to conventional grid ceilings.