Anutone in EAST



KIIT registered in 1992

Engineering degree commenced in 1997
Declared a deemed university in 2004
Planned a world-class auditorium for its top-tier status
Odisha & Eastern India’s top educational institution

Fact File
Project – Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology – KIIT l | Place – Bhubaneswar, Odisha | Segment – Education [Auditorium] | Dealer & Installer – Creative Solutions | Anutone Products – Slats Surco Oak Roble, Stretch Hush Perlino and Piedra

The client, KIIT, was desirous of the best of acoustics for a world-class auditorium that would be host to many an international symposium and workshop with global experts descending on the campus for health interactions with the faculty and student groups. Also, the auditorium for an educational institute, had to be multipurpose with variable acoustics to cater to socio-cultural performances apart from movie and documentary screenings.

Anutone had ensured dramatic walls with panelling in giant geometric shapes with Stretch Hush in two complementing colours of Perlino (lightest green) and Piedra (medium grey). Behind the visible fabric is Strand and Synth as an acoustic backer. The rest of the panelling is wooden with Slats Surco. This combination not only fulfils aesthetic requirements but more crucially optimises the reverberation time across dominant frequencies for the large-volume hall.

The management of KIIT University as also the faculty and students are proud of their newest and latest asset that brings more glory to the campus and furthers the vision and mission of the founder. Anutone is pleased to partner with KIIT for not only this auditorium but for other facilities on the campus that need optimal acoustics for the best of live performances be it seminar, workshop, cultural or the annual convocation.

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