Happy Diwali from Anutone

with focus on the monetary


Acoustics for the Banking

and Financial Sector

Anutone Inspiration Series

for banks & financial institutions


Anutone presents just 3 but stunning design concepts for banks in this Diwali edition of UPDATE!

Anutone’s design team works closely with clients, consultants and contractors to channelize their creativity into viable 3D models for acoustical vistas such that interior spaces are a delight to stakeholders especially end users which here are customers.




  • New-age design for new-age retail banking sector
  • Five-star acoustic finishes for ultra-luxury ambience
  • Primary Ceiling – Strand Ebony on Strut framing
  • Secondary Ceiling – Subtex Clouds Shapes Triangle
    • in a riot of corporate-themed colours
    • cluster patterns form rectangles
    • suspended in different levels, different colours
    • black plenum – the perfect foil, the perfect backdrop
  • Paneling – Synth Slim Shapes Triangle
    • combined to form interesting patterns
    • a play of shapes and colours

Note – Colours chosen to represent corporate theme of the bank




  • Next-gen design of safe deposit lockers for well-heeled customers and high networth individuals (HNIs)
  • Ceiling is the only major surface available with very less wall paneling surface area
  • Ceiling – Serge Linear in Global White
  • Paneling – Subtex Nubby




  • The hustle and bustle of training rooms is well-known
  • The faculty and the participants need to be heard clearly
  • Importance of optimal acoustics cannot be more emphasized
  • Reverb time is high & cacophony is common during rush hour
  • Ceiling is largest available surface for sound absorption
  • Ceiling1 – Salon Spots MP3 as panels and planks on Skelet
    Ebony – multiple rows of planks as an interesting aesthetic
  • Ceiling2 – Subtex Nubby
    • as panels and planks on Skelet in Global White
    • multiple rows of planks as an interesting aesthetic
    • Subtex Nubby is perpendicular to Salon Spots MP3
  • Paneling – Matching to ceiling – Sonator and Subtex



  • Project images are based on 3D renders for products, systems and solutions by an architect for illustrative purposes and Anutone claims no association.
  • Product colours, prints, embossing, shapes are indicative and may differ on actual panels due to limitations.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to conduct due diligence and assess the suitability of the offered products to their projects.
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property belongs to Anutone. No contents must be copied, scanned, reproduced, transmitted, stored, retrieved or otherwise used in any form without prior written permission of Anutone.


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