Acoustic Inspirations

for Defence & Police


Anutone presents eight stunning acoustic design concepts for two segments related to citizen’s security – Defence and Police. Contrary to popular perception, both segments are witnessing rapid upgradation and modernization of their buildings and facilities by central and state governments.

Anutone’s design team will be pleased to work closely with clients, consultants and contractors on channelizing your imagination and creativity into viable 3D models for acoustical interiors such that spaces realise their true intent and are a delight to all stakeholders especially the end users.


DEFENCE – Reception Lobby

For a Defence Academy, the cadets are its mainstay and hence the reception lobby becomes the first fulcrum of interaction between cadets, visitors, staff and the top brass.

Defence is all about patriotism and nothing better to evoke the right feelings than our national flag. Behind the information desk is a huge mural of the tricolor and silhouettes of armed forces in various states of combat

‘Strand Cubix Grafix’ for soldier silhouettes, ‘Synth Slim Grafix’ for flying flag on ‘Strand’, ‘Synth Slim’ Fife for upper reaches of walls with a transition band of ‘Synth Slim’ Carbon, ‘Slats Surco’ L32-2 Oak Roble for lower reaches of walls. Ceiling is same ‘Slats Surco’ L32-2 Oak Roble with an island of ‘Tufbloc Smery’ (painted ‘Tender Cream’ to match ‘Synth Slim’ Fife) for pendant lighting and fan. Columns are exposed polished concrete.



The Network Operations Centre (NOC) is the new War Room of the 21st century. It is the heart of any battle, providing live updates from various sources to key defence personnel on giant screen banks for split-second decisions to be taken.

The NOC whether as a War Room for the Defence or Space Agencies for rocket launches or even large corporates for remote monitoring of operations like oilfields etc it is of crucial importance that acoustics are sharp & precise so that commands are correctly conveyed.

In continuation from the Reception Lobby the ceiling and lower reaches of walls is ‘Slats Surco’ L16-2 in Oak Roble. Upper reaches are ‘Stretch NRC’ on FS25 tracks in three colours of Austen (cream), Hillswick (light grey) and Merrick (dark grey behind screen bank), with ‘Strand’ backer board and ‘SynthPF’ infill to achieve the stringent acoustic criteria. Low RC(N) <35d, low RT <0.6s and high STIPA >0.7.


DEFENCE – Combat Training

Defence personnel need to be combat-ready at all times and hence training becomes important. The boxing ring and wrestling mat are great arenas for physical strength, nerve reflexes and mental stamina apart from overall fitness and wellness levels.

An open architecture of double-height ceiling and window slits to the greens outside with minimal acoustics works best for such spaces. Acoustics helps to absorb the grunts and the screams and the shouts and the victory claps!

Ceiling is ‘Strand Duo’ in Palash colour with panels in dual sizes of 600x1200mm and 600x2400mm exposing the metal roof deck. Window walls are ‘Slats Surco’ L32-2 in Maple Arce to contrast with the greens outside. Side walls are ‘Strand Colour’ in dual shades of Moody Blue and Palash. Bulkhead above mezzanine corridor is cladded in ‘Sonator’ panels Intel Beech as are some other areas in Sapeli.


DEFENCE – Officers Mess

After the exhaustion of strategic brainstorming, tactical maneuvers and physical training, the officers need to relax and enjoy a great meal that promotes bonhomie and camaraderie. The officers mess also works as a venue for town hall meetings.

This officers mess deliberately brings in the great outdoors along with a subtle but sublime ceiling to match the white canteen furniture and a touch of wood to keep the theme contiguous across the facility. A total chill out!

Ceiling is ‘Subtex Nubby’ with Steppe edge in ‘Skelet’ T15. Note the ceiling fans with lights in the absence of air-conditioning. The walls are a combination of ‘Subtex Nubby Grafix’ in variable sizes with forest, meadows and mountain views and ‘Slats Surco’ L32-2 Oak Roble. Only Anutone can provide such flexibility in design!


POLICE – Corridors

This Police Academy is built to current international standards that places equal emphasis on corridors which otherwise are neglected during design detailing. Corridors are commuting and transition spaces that can work as mood elevators if done right.

Black and white corridors with ‘speedbreaker’ design of the open plenum ceiling to slow down hurried and harried folks. The theme carries to walls too with accents of India’s national colours in orange and green. Acoustically treated corridors are soothing to pedestrians and also minimise noise transmission to open-door adjacent rooms

On the top we have ‘Strand Ebony’ as primary ceiling and ‘Serge Lance’ as secondary ceiling. ‘Serge Lance’ in White 25x100mm @ 200mm centres. Walls consist of ‘Synth Slim’ in four colours – Ebony, Blanco, Naranja and Verde –along with exposed polished concrete. ‘Synth Slim’ in 300x2400mm strips from floor to 300x1200mm to primary ceiling. Bottom 150~200mm of ‘Synth Slim’ is to be painted with transparent, dust-repellant coating as a skirting.


POLICE – Shooting Range

An indoor shooting range is a great boon for a Police Academy. An outdoor shooting range can only be operated only in daylight hours and clear weather. It also disturbs the neighborhood and in some cases can be risky. An indoor facility is open 24×7 and provides great analytics to shooters|trainers.

The booths and the targets need to be brightly lit. Rest is deliberately kept dark with few accents of orange and green to relieve the monotony. Downlights can either light up the accents or subdue them depending on distraction level sought by shooters|trainers.

‘Strand Ebony’ in 50mm thickness with SynthPF 10×50 in two-layer infill not only provides effective sound absorption to the ricocheting noise of rapid-fire bullets but also a crucial surface to receive that stray bullet which might ricochet. ‘Strand Colour’ in Carrotina and Summer Green provides relief. Booths are soundproofed and shooters|trainers don ear-muffs, yet dB levels are high and hence the need for acoustical treatment to all surfaces except flooring.


POLICE – Control Room

Crime control and law order comes from the streets as well as closed rooms. Modern control rooms are well equipped with tech gadgetry which actually raises noise annoyances to occupants. Ringing phones, cackling radio transceivers, loud conversations plus the need to keep it calm on other side to alarmed citizens

Banks of video monitors mounted on walls apart from phones and monitors on desks, library shelves of case files and constant chatter need the calm of highly sound absorptive walls and ceilings with the relief of strong visuals.

It is ‘Stretch NRC’ all the way for this control room for both walls and ceiling. Complete system engineering of ‘Stretch NRC’ with SE25 tracks and ‘Strand’ backer board with ‘SynthPF’ infill. And a play of six colours in ‘Spun NRC’ – Pitlochry, Fair Isle, Maree, Chaucer, Glass and Vit.


POLICE – Interrogation Room

The interrogation room actually consists of two chambers, the second one being an observation deck to gauge culprit reactions and responses. Both chambers need to be noise isolant apart from sound absorbing. The one-way glass partition too plays an important role.

The actual interrogation chamber is deliberately kept white and bright whereas the observation deck is dark. Both however are equally treated for acoustics as clarity of recorded audio is of paramount importance and can serve as evidence to the jury and the judge.

The interrogation chamber can be a dangerous space if a prisoner gets violent and hence features bland ‘Smery’ walls painted Global White with a ‘Serge Astral Mensa’ Lay-in grid ceiling dropped onto ‘Skelet’ T15 Ebony. A single pendant light shows up the prisoner face for eye movement and other reactions. The observation chamber features ‘Strand Ebony’ for all surfaces with ‘Strand Colour’ accents in Carrotina and Summer Green. 


Project images are based on 3D renders for new products by an architect for illustrative purposes and Anutone claims no association.

Product colours, prints are indicative and may differ on actual panels due to blotting and fading. Product embossing, shapes are indicative and may differ on actual panels due to surface texture limitations.

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