What’s New?

Anti-bacterial ceilings with RH99

Anutone launches an upgrade option for Soft Sisoli Series with twin features of antibacterial and RH99 capability in Sisoli Plus. Currently available is Sisoli Plus Serene.

Other anti-bacterial ceilings launched

Subtex Nubby H+ and Serge Astral H+ are also suitable for healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and other hygiene spaces

Wave Series expands

With the launch of Subtex Wave Nubby it now means Anutone has the largest range with the widest choices in acoustical baffles – from smooth texture finishes in Wave Nubby Colours and rough texture finishes in Strand Wave Colours to vinyl wraps in Wave KSL and fabric wraps in Wave NRC, Wave Hush, Wave Cord and Wave Plane.

Shapes Series expands

With Shapes Nubby S-Convex and Shapes Nubby S-Concave as a combo a new cluster option in acoustical clouds is now available.

Sisoli Plus, Subtex H+ and Astral H+ with anti-bacterial feature for hospital ceilings

Largest array of Wave acoustical baffles in the industry – from textures to vinyls to fabrics

Snazz Series gets 4 new products

Pixello 3/8 has a sibling in Pixello 8/18 but what is of special interest is continuous seamless design with no centre or side bands for edge to edge perforations similar to Cosmos.

Pixel Square 3/8 gets a sibling in Pixel Square 10/20 for more open area.

Slate Vin gets two siblings in Slate Polka and Slate Spritz with delightful semi perforations patterns and densified steppe edge

Metal ceiling with RH99 capability

Serge Astral Plus with an aluminium core offers RH99

Salon Square Cuadrado & Salon Sircle Circulo now make in India

Buildings get greener as manufacturing gets nearer. Anutone now supplies these two Salon products with Indian prelam HDF in a make in India effort.

More variants in Ekcel continue

Strand Duo, with both surfaces featuring superfine filament-like wood fibre and factory painting, opens up many possibilities for contractors to suspend as acoustic baffles with their kit.

Tufbloc Spots is the new sound absorber, and the first one in the Tufbloc family, with 6mm circular perfs at 18mm pitch. Tufbloc HDFR boards for noise isolation and Tufbloc Spots for sound absorption is the new winning combo.

Tufbloc Square Cuadrado and Sircle Circulo are now possible which means lower thicknesses and no issues with water and termites that was hitherto the case with the Salon variants. Currently at concept stage, to be launched shortly.

3D Shapes in Strand and Slim

Strand Shapes in <600mm diameter and Slim Shapes in <1200mm diameter are now possible. Circle, Hexagon, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Triangle – you name it we shape it

New concepts for contractors

Subtex Colours is now possible with base panels of 15|25mm supplied by Anutone ready for insitu painting. Methodology will be provided.

Strand Slim is Strand 10mm fastened to Strut CC10 and Slim 9mm adhered by Stick S7 to create 30mm thick Strand Slim panelling. SynthPF 10×10 is optional.

systemTRAX with more details on the linked page provides options for large ceiling areas as in open plan offices or public buildings like airports and lecture halls to zone their technical services and main tiling areas in ceilings and panelling with multifold benefits to all stakeholders!

An economical acoustical ceiling with densified steppe edges and reinforced centre

Salon Series – buildings get greener with more Make in India solutions from Anutone the proud Indian MNC!

Tufbloc options for Cuadrado and Circulo means highest water and termite resistance

You name the shape and we make it in India! Options for Strand & Slim

Below: Strand Octagon at JK Public School, Delhi NCR

Subtex Colours & Strand Slim – new concepts for dealers and contractors