Our Philosophy

Industry Innovator
Anutone® is agile, alert and fast-evolving in its response to the ever-changing business dynamics of a fast-paced world but is built on the traditional foundations of respect, integrity, ethics and service that make it a comfortable place to work.

Our family of innovative products, systems, and services provides creative building solutions that set new standards for productivity and efficiency, helping architects and consultants deliver intended designs. For more info on our complete range of speciality interior systems visit walls/ceilings, acoustics/noise, magnesia/boards.

Anutone® is recognized as the building material industry’s leading innovator, and holds many inventions, design registrations, copyrights, trademark registrations to its credit. Some product examples are SoundFloat, VDH series, AutoAir, AcoustCombi, Septum, Burl, MAT etc.

Many more continue to be launched regularly. Yes! Anutone® pioneers new products, systems and services quite regularly!

Today, we continue to build a reputation for quality in the design, manufacture, test, supply, install, service … the entire business value-chain … of wall and ceiling products, systems and solutions to enhance the living experiences of environments in which people live, work and play and make you feel good! Explore this website to know more.

Experience Excitement 
You are invited to join the rapidly expanding world of Anutone®. A steep learning curve is assured. Everyday is a new day – experiences that you will cherish. Work with the most advanced technologies and innovative concepts. Learn, develop, grow while you are involved in India ‘s, Asia ‘s and the industry’s leading projects with some of the best and brightest people in the business today. The industry sectors are infrastructure, real estate, construction, architecture, building systems and services, manufacturing.

Anutone® offers competitive salaries and benefits package related to its size and the industry it operates in. These are just some of the features that reinforce our belief that it is people who drive the success of the company – team Anutone® makes it possible! It always has!

Are you Ready? 
If you’re ready to make your mark in a challenging work environment that values entrepreneurship, integrity, contemporary work ethic, teamwork and the desire to succeed, you will find our arms wide open. Mission impossible is our credo.

Outstanding customer-centricity, quick decision-making, flexibility and adaptability are a must. We seek talented, motivated, proactive individuals with a healthy desire to grow in a fast-paced, market-oriented work environment. You would be part of a dynamic team committed to our customers and willing to go the full distance to sustain our position as industry leader.

Anutone’s objective is to be a preferred employer of choice and in this context the employee’s total rewards package is an essential component. The Compensation Committee that consists of members from the management, HR department and the functional team leaders review the remuneration packages periodically. We compare our total rewards with compensation and benefits surveys that focus on the leading companies where we compete for talent and employees.

Our performance appraisal systems, designed by HRM Consultants, are scientific and objective that focus on KRAs (goals and KPIs) making the periodic assessments methodical and professional. Through regular assessment of performance we differentiate employee performance and pay accordingly. The entire HR process is supervised by a Director-level appointee, Mr. G. S. Sethuram.

In giving your best, you can expect a commitment to your personal growth and satisfaction in return – a commitment to safety and providing the broadest possible career opportunities. We strongly believe we have the best benefits package in the industry. A package that offers attractive working conditions provides peace of mind and supports the continued development of our employees.

As you take responsibility for your goals, we’ll help you manage your career for success and fulfilment. The HR department and the senior members of the team provide the mentoring, training and encouragement that are in step with your individual needs and interests – with the understanding that those needs may change as you grow with the company. Ultimately you take responsibility for the road you travel. But we help you stay in control every step of the way.

At Anutone®, diversity is a value, just like safety and integrity. Having a diverse workforce is important to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs in a constantly changing marketplace. India boasts a secular, pluralistic society. As an equal opportunity employer committed to a culturally rich workforce, we’re proud of the initiatives we’ve implemented to raise the quality of our work environment and employee well-being. Diversity is a way-of-life at Anutone® that directly affects the success of our company