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Home Theatre

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Home Theatre

A high-end home theatre must justify the investments in dedicated space, expensive gear, furnishings and the integration to put it all together. A home theatre is a labour of love to entertain and relax the owner and their family, friends. Acoustics is a very important link in the chain. As George Lucas, the Star Wars ideator, famously said ‘Sound is half the picture’ which is saying a lot and he should know!

Design Highlights

Home theatres are usually a dedicated space inside a villa or penthouse and hence need to be floated or built room within a room for noise | vibration isolation.

Fortunately, Anutone offers a single-source capability of supplying it all. Resilient mounts like Spring and Sway with MatBSB and Tufbloc skins on Studd | Strut metal framing. Once the primary ceiling, panelling, flooring is done the secondary surface finish for sound absorption comes in.

Acoustic Advantages

Enhance the movie experience like a multiplex with acoustics that precisely matches the 3D immersive audio. Delight your family and guests with goosebump performance. Check out the product solutions in the drawing below!

Specification Drawings (click image)


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