Subtex Nuanz


Velvet Acoustics Fabric Panels

600 x 600mm (Set of 4)

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Brand Anutone
Product Name SubtexNuanz
Product Dimensions 595x595x25mm (LxWxH)
Product Details Fabric wrapped softfibre core
Product Notes See below
Application Wall panelling
Impale Clips Set of 4 (Each set – 5nos.)
Package Weight 6 kgs
Package Dimensions 605x605x105mm (LxWxH)
Package Inclusions Set of 4 tiles – 1.44m2, 20 clips & fasteners
Price Inclusions GST and Delivery included


Available Colours
Antique Gold Coral Ruby Emerald Shine
Morado Sparkle Silver Oyster Topaz Sapphire

Product Notes – Pictures are representational and actual colour may vary. First screw-fix clips in position with supplied fasteners, 5 clips to 1 tile. 4 clips at 4 corners, 50mm from edge, and 1 clip in centre. Ensure fins are flat and parallel to ground, not vertical. Gently press fit and impale the tiles into desired position. Please check for availability and colour choices by sending a note to the below email address.

If you are GST registered, please provide your GST number on checkout page or email us on with the details. Any other instructions may also be shared by you.

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Antique Gold, Coral Ruby, Emerald Shine, Morado Sparkle, Silver Oyster, Topaz Sapphire


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